English / Polish version


      1. The Circadian Clock
      2. Morning Lit Rooms
      JANI R
      3. Vertigo
      4. Heartbeat
      5. Seven Years of Summer
      6. Melting
      7. Outside
      8. Glia
      9. Human Disease
      10. Lucid Dreams
      11. Slowly Awake
      12. The Circadian Clock


„Borders and separation only exist in our minds…” – this thesis is concluded in the brief thanks in a booklet to the compilation DIGISEEDS by Ambientium, who is Lubomir Cvrk, coming from the Czech Republic. According to the information found on the website of Ultimae, the compilation will be the first one of a new series released by the French label. According to me, the idea that the borders and separation only exist in our minds, is best confirmed by the fact, that the artist from the Czech Republic managed to compile tracks created by musicians from different corners of the world – in DIGISEEDS you can find not only the European names, but also those from Asia and even Australia. Twelve tracks and ten countries (Belgium, Finland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Greece, Tasmania, France, Austria, Russia and Germany) – perhaps it is the best proof, that the music has the power to break all the boundaries, both geographic and mental, and what is even more – it has the power to unite.

An ambient flight, on which takes us Ambientium, lets us calm our minds, clear our heads. Listening to the compilation, I can feel the incredible space and freedom. The track called THE CIRCADIAN CLOCK is special for me a bit – it is the one, which is opening and crowning the whole compilation, what is more it ties the compilation up in the purring, pleasant to the ear. I love VERTIGO because of a recurring theme – the sound in the background brings me into a light trance; SEVEN YEARS OF SUMMER – seven years of summer in Aes Dana climate – you cannot imagine something more beautiful! The track by ONE ARC DEGREE reminds me of the aura of Vincent Villuis compositions – the depth, mystery, screwing sounds in the background, a bit of melancholy, even sadness, it all in my head evokes visions from the best albums of Aes Dana. Listening to MELTING, of Tasmanian project Mandrax, I ask myself the question, which is attached in the compilation booklet: „What is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?”. Certainly, it happened to you, that you have waited very long to the sun coming out after a cold, windy, almost frosty morning. Do you remember the moment, when the sun based its rays on your face? I have experienced such feelings, when I was steeped in the sounds of this track. Pure amazing!

As a summary, I will drop you a curiosity – Lubos Cvrk, Ambientium, being an eco-activist, has created his music studio in a straw-bale house. I am very curious, what musical wonders will arise there!! I eagerly look forward to them, because so far, the first compilation released by Ultimae Records is a feast for the ears and rest for the heart.

7 / 10