Mirror Me

English / Polish version

Mirror Me
    WHERE: reality
    WHAT: psychedelic music
    ALBUM: soon
    PARTY: not much of a party person
    LIKE: everything
    DISLIKE: (almost) everything
    PRIVATELY: student, teaches English

Mirror Me is Antoni Girjatowicz, hailing from Chicago and currently living in Poland making psychedelic music. He traveled through sonic dimensions in search of the perfect music, and made a defininite stop (so far) with psytrance. Greatly influenced by sounds and noise, his style is progressing towards an experimental sort of psytrance, with bizarre sonic manipulations and mysterious riffs.
Before returning to Poland in 2010 he had composed on a piano, and the music he listened mostly in the USA was rock. He delved into the world of electronic music while staying in in his native country. As happens in many cases, before meeting the psytrance music, he listened to different genres – from dubstep to drum’n’bass. But the wolf was drawn into a forest, and the psychedelic trance so mysterious in the beginning thanks to some Polish events and above all Ozora festival made that Antoni changed black and white piano keys to a computer keyboard. One of the main instigators for the project called Mirror Me in the beginning of the production was an Israeli producer U-Recken. Today even a greater impact on his art projects have some chillout projects such as: Solar Fields, Kuba, Mythematica, Capsule, Cell, CBL, DMT and Entheogenic.