Androcell – Entheomythic

English / Polish version

Androcell - Entheomythic

      1. Endless Wonder
      2. Mysterious Union
      3. Desert Nomad
      4. Ganja Baba
      5. Night Sorceress
      6. Synchromystic
      7. Higher Circuit Experience
      8. Full Sail
      9. Dub Gardens


Qui habet aures audiendi, audiat…
Who has ears to hear, let him hear…

~ Vulgate (Gospel according to Matthew 13:9)

And this is a point where I should probably finish my review. What more should I say? Someone once said that perfection does not exist, it is just an abstraction, which in fact has no reason for its existence, and now I have to refute this thesis in a few words? How? Which words should I use to describe the music of Tyler? The most sophisticated epithets, comparisons, metaphors and other stylistic treatments seem to be so trivial here, and absolutely irrationally describing the states and emotions, into which ENTHEOMYTHIC can enter us. However, this album is not just music, it is primarily some hypnotic images, twisted visuals and fractal graphics plotted by the unlimited power of our (sub)consciousness.

Celestial Dragon Records not only met the task, but with full responsibility for my words I can write, that this time it made a timeless album which will leave a long trail in my mind and it will occupy the place for the truly deserving ones in my personal record collection
What more could you expect for the album, which begins with the ENDLESS WONDER? And it is a wonder for sure. A gently rocking dub fusion of sounds, combined with a lazy atmosphere prevailing in this track may really be fun (even the picky ones). I look at the sky for a moment and it seems to me that I begin to understand the principle of operation of a nephoscope. But it is only a temporary condition. Androcell passes smoothly to the next number, showing us what is a MYSTERIOUS UNION. Here it gets really sternly. A psychedelic dish tastes really great, in the background we can hear some hard to understand by an ordinary mortal words of the shaman providing valuable advice for daily living, which is worth remembering, though, otherwise you can not do, because it is hard to cheat in our pineal gland. Almost as intensively as the sound of some pouring sand, which leaves behind a caravan of Bedouins and Tuaregs roaming through the Nomad desert. While the heat becomes unbearable, apparently the best thing to do there is to drink a cup of sweet tea from a mint and listen to ‘the music of the desert’. And quite a lot is going on here: a rattlesnake is crawling on the hot sand, some sedges are bending under the pressure of the wind, and even a sand storm is approaching from afar. But for me, a real rarity is the track GANJA BABA and the next one with a dark-sounding title – NIGHT SORCERESS and if I should point out a so-called ‘number one’ it would not take long. A clearly visible rate, steady beat, oriental stabbing vocal and the backgrounds that I love so. This track would fit perfectly as a ‘living’ definition of what is called psychedelic dub, so if anyone still has doubts, should no longer delay. There are some very screwing tracks of a category trippy-dubby – listening to them makes me think of a theme from the cult film Trainspotting, when the title character, Mark Renton falls into… a carpet. I guess I can imagine what he felt then. SYNCHROMYSTIC does not stand out from the rest. The deep, thoughtful, carefully polished to the last detail track that regularly gives you a momentary dementia, that is about to strike with the redoubled force, and wake us from a slumber. The quintessence of the psychedelic sounds. HIGHER CIRCUIT EXPERIENCE is another psychedelic decoct, intended only for the connoisseurs of the species (I have the impression that for beginners, this music would be too difficult to accept). Some truly Delphic sounds like a bit of early works of some recognized projects such as: Shpongle and my favourite IN DUB of Hallucinogen. The next track does not seem to be worse where we can FULL SAIL in the most remote places in our (sub)consciousness, and the (un)limited power of our imagination will serve us as a cerebral navigator of that trip. Some nicely integrated live instruments also emphasize the joyous nature of the entire track. This is a very forest number. An epilogue is a tour through DUB GARDENS, in which Tyler shows us the power of the bass with the excellently selected vocal and some elements of an acoustic guitar, for which is responsible Sean Smokovich, and which prove to be a great place to land, after lasting more than an hour, not an easy journey.

In conclusion, certainly the album ENTHEOMYTHIC proves to be a real treat for all fans of the dub music, and those who also like it when the album contains so-called ‘psy’ elements should be in the seventh heaven. Earlier I appealed to the cult album of Hallucinogen – IN DUB, which managed to gain a reputation for being immortal. Those who know this album, undoubtedly will find so called ‘common denominator’ with the album of Androcell which I have presented today.
It is really worth it!


9 / 10