Solar System

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Solar System
    Solar System

      1. Mercury
      2. Venus
      3. Earth
      4. Mars
      5. Jupiter
      6. Saturn
      7. Uranus
      8. Neptune
      9. Pluto
      10. Earth Moon
      11. Nebula
      12. Titan


The space is an often used theme in the music, which is preceded by a prefix 'psy’. The covers, the titles of the tracks and even whole albums referring to the universe is a very common phenomenon, which probably does not surprise anyone no longer. However, when there is a new compilation, which also encourages by a pretty well designed cover, it is hard to go past it indifferently and not be tempted to listen to it. If I note also that the compilation costs you just as much as visiting the portal Ektoplazm and download it for free, it probably becomes a real opportunity, which would be a pity not to use.

SOLAR SYSTEM is the curious compilation, in which the artists in their tracks refer to the names of the nine planets (as can be seen, Mind Experience is still trying to convince, that Pluto is a planet), and a nice bonus for body and spirit in a form of two moons and galactic nebula (the track called NEBULA). The whole, as in the proper order of the Solar System befits, starts by the track MERCURY, behind which stands the project called Erot. In a delicate, slightly ambient way it let us get off the ground and feel the climate prevailing somewhere in the sky. Immediately after that we have a flight to VENUS, where there is already quite different, more dark and mysterious aura; I personally think that this tracks is an average one, but let us visit the third planet from the Sun – EARTH. Somehow I feel that it is too calm in here as for a place that seems fairly well known to me. Some deep pads combined with the mystical backgrounds create an interesting, but not really biting whole. It is time for MARS, through which red corners leads us Rob Vector, and I admit that I might finally have found my planet in this System. It is nice, swinging, but not sweet and candy, if it depended on me, I would stay here longer, but I must add that the curiosity, what conceals JUPITER, is greater. Elysium fails seldom, this time again I was not disappointed. The tempo overclocked to 140 bpm, periodically and mantrically repeated 'Jupiter’ in a conjunction with a tribal rate really makes me good. SATURN and URANUS are a bit slower, more lazy and sluggish, but unfortunately also without any idea. This kind of music at times is not only boring, but it is annoying also. NEPTUNE and PLUTO similarly. You can listen to this, but certainly it is not the music to which we are happy to come back.

At the end there are three pearls that 'save’ this cosmic compilation a little bit. I mean the projects: AstroPilot, SeaMoon (whose track NEBULA, MARS and JUPITER are really worth listening) and Kukan Dub Lagan. However, unfortunately the whole compilation does not fascinate, I rarely come across that much average, not to write boring compilation. Do I recommend it to you? Sure, but only when you do not have other interesting items that are waiting in line for the listening.


4 / 10