Aes Dana – Manifold

English / Polish version

Aes Dana - Manifold
    Aes Dana

      1. Manifold (Morning Edit)
      2. Manifold (Ground Edit)


The French label Ultimae is known to all lovers of psychedelic chillout. Hence come such musical gems as: Aes Dana, Solar Fields or Carbon Based Lifeforms. Some characteristic, deep sounds and hypnotic melodies – these are just some of many advantages which characterize the stable of Vincent Villius. Exactly due to Vincent in 2007 for the first time Ultimae Records is releasing an EP available only through the Internet. MANIFOLD is the first and probably not the last item released in this way. On the EP we will find the title MANIFOLD in two different arrangements.

MANIFOLD (MORNING EDIT) – it is a vibrant mix of slightly trance sounds woven into the deeply ambient atmosphere. Every single sound is cuddling our body and mind with the precise accuracy, not leaving us the slightest bit of dissatisfaction. After a long penetration in this version of MANIFOLD we can say that this is not a chillout track but rather slightly progressive; it aims to awaken us from the night of lethargy, as it is indicated by the words MORNING EDIT added in brackets. Everything here is perfectly balanced – we move from the tranquil and light vibrations to a progressive state of the hypnotic rapture.
MANIFOLD (GROUND EDIT) – in the beginning the difference between this track and its predecessor seems to be imperceptible, but as it turns out, this is just the wrong impression. While its predecessor was a slightly progressive outlook on chillout, this time GROUND EDIT is like a calmer look at the progressive vision of psytrance. Here you will feel a mysterious and deep atmosphere of awakening to life somewhere in the deep abyss. GROUND EDIT occurs at the border between the hypnotic and dark chillout decorated with a fast and strong bassline. A perfect track to a light, progressive stamping on the dancefloor.

The whole is a great, but too small portion of the relaxation. I have the overwhelming impression that this time Vincent gave us to smell just a little bit of a candy, which we would prefer to eat with a great pleasure. MANIFOLD as a whole, however, satisfies greatly.

7 / 10