Asura – Afterain EP

English / Polish version

Afterain EP
    Afterain EP

      1. Afterain
      2. Planisphere 7 (Part One)


Asura is a term referring to a being who is ‘power-seeking’, ‘thirsty of power’. It is also associated with the avestian term Ahura – good god – the ‘divine wisdom’. In Hinduism and Buddhism they are powerful and evil beings, the opponents of the Devas. For the psybient world Asura is mainly: Ultimae Records and Charles Farewell.

Albums such as: CODE ETERNITY, LOST EDEN whether LIFE2 deserve to be called iconic and unique. Recognizable sounds, roam the colorful landscapes, hypnotic fantasy, unforgettable impressions. All this gives us Asura. One of the recent achievements of Charles is a ‘digital’ EP issued by the Croatian Soundmute Recordings label. AFTERAIN is a position, which consists of two short, but fine-tuned for maximum music. The title AFTERAIN is the slowly incendiary ambient bomb. Light and pleasant breeze takes our thirsty souls in an imaginary world by ourselves. We are here to relax freely, forget about problems, dream. Each of us can write here ‘his own story’. Number two is PLANISPHERE 7 (PART ONE). Here we will find a great deal of mystery and a slightly dark atmosphere. Interesting and mystical vocals give a distinctive and penetrating sound to the track. The faster and peremptory beat will force our feet to the light stamping.

These two short productions are not enough for opportunities of Asura. Would like to say – we want more! Definitely. EP itself is certainly a real treat for psychill geeks. I recommend it.

7 / 10