English / Polish version

    Compilation (Dj Zen)

      1. Marianna Falls
      2. Seahorse Dreams
      3. Planetarium (Aquarius Edit)
      4. Voda
      5. Cyan
      AES DANA
      6. Sugar Rush (Kanc Cover Rework)
      7. Lysergic Atmosphere
      8. God Is Mine (Dj Zen Ext. Remix)
      9. Creation Of Tefnet


After some ‘air’ playfulness it is time to go a bit lower (or deeper?) and penetrate the next element, served to us by Gabriel Descoutieras – Dj Zen. WATER is the second compilation in turn released by the Canadian Altar Records. Will a meeting with the underwater world, or maybe free drifting in the ocean be equally interesting, as it was in a case of the compilation AIR? Let us find out!

At once we start lofty. Asura along with his MARIANNA FALLS will lull us with a blissful and gently running down waterfall. Every sound is filtered like a crystal drop of water and the atmosphere prevailing here is an overwhelming grandeur and joyous laziness. Number two – Androcell. And already here I have a small comparison to the previous compilation. What ended up the album AIR, WATER begins – i.e. psychill cream. But let us go back to Androcell. The track SEAHORSE DREAMS spoils us for good. Certainly it does not move us, but also it is not tiring. It soothes the senses, calms the body and gives us a large portion of the relaxation. The magic of seahorses works here for one hundred percent. Chronos and his underwater PLANETARIUM extends the length and breadth. Every sound is running in a different direction, thus forming a distinctive atmosphere. For a moment, I have even a feeling that everything happens in a slow motion, anyway with every minute our underwater planetarium accelerates and charmes us with its sound predispositions. Some falling, huge drops of water – with these things begins the track of Astropilot called VODA. A start is dreamy, you can even say that it is idyllic, but just as in the case of Chronos, each second brings us stronger and deeper experiences. A firm and strong beat heralds a powerful dose of a positive energy, and a muffled echo coming from behind the panes of the ocean gives huge uniqueness to the whole. Astropilot does not disappoint us again. The same can be said about Aes Dana. CYAN is a dynamic and invigorating bath among some blue, sea waters. Burnt by the sun, cooled by the crystal water and rejoicing by the beautiful sounds – what more could you want? SUGAR RUSH performed by Man With No Name gently awakens us after a very peaceful ending served by Aes Dana. SUGAR RUSH does not surprise with anything special. However, a simple, dynamic and distinctive theme will not let us go past this track with indifference. It is catchy, and with every second has got some higher values. LYSERGIC ATMOSPHERE is primarily a voice of Terrence McKenna and the entire dose of some common, but brilliant, psychill musical motives. Discernible, and even tangible is the fact that the creator of this track is Shakri, who sometimes raises us above the level of the waving water. GOD IS MINE by Zymosis remixed by Dj Zen and everything would be fine if the whole were shorter. Not only that the previously proposed tempo slows down, the thirteen minutes of this track go on twice as long. However, after a long crossing with GOD IS MINE, there comes the time for CREATION OF TEFNET. RA with a light touch of ecstasy ends up our ‘water’ adventure.

The second compilation in turn straight from Altar Records and as good as the previous one. There is more calmness and some vast, delicate sounds, but less exultations and sublime moments (except the track of Asura, of course). Is this compilation as differential as the previous? Definitely not. This time we get only the dose of some lazy and blissful sounds.


7.5 / 10