Vibrasphere – Selected Downbeats Vol. 1

English / Polish version

Vibrasphere - Selected Downbeats Vol. 1
    Selected Downbeats Vol. 1

      1. Forever Imaginary
      2. Manzanilla (2005 Mix)
      3. All Green Seasons
      4. Ice Flow
      5. Northern Sunsets
      6. Peace Of Mind
      7. The Big Sleep
      8. 33000 Feet Over
      9. Ice Flow (Vocal Version)
      10. Buenos Aires (2004 Edit)


We all know very well the achievements of a Swedish duo Vibrasphere. Since the year 2000, during a decade the duo became a brand of its own. The unique sounds, hypnotic vibrations and a distinctive style, which immediately makes that the melodies served to us by Rickard and Robert become recognizable. The productions from a sign Vibrasphere are mainly progressive and rapid sounds, but in their collection we will also find something quieter and gentler to an ear. An example for that could be a lot of individual tracks appearing on various chillout compilations. Most of this kind of tracks appear on their first strictly chillout and downbeat album called SELECTED DOWNBEATS VOL. 1 (which only inspires positive to a fact that VOL. 2 is waiting in a queue for listening).

On the disc there are ten tracks and three of them are the productions so far unknown to us. That is the track starting the disc, called FOREVER IMAGINARY which as at the beginning of some chillout fantasies is pretty aggressive and impulsive. Here you can hear a music priority of the guys from Vibrasphere, which is the progressive style. Another novelties in the album are the penultimate and the final track. ICE FLOW, even though we have already known it from the compilation ANTENNA, this time it has lived to see some small alterations, for which is responsible Jasmine Tutum – a Jamaican singer who gives the track a bit of freshness and a handful of mystery using her strong and clear voice. The last in the disc, and also the last novelty is BUENOS AIRES (2004 EDIT), the track which is not distinguished by anything particular, that gently and blissfully, in the accompaniment of some guitar sounds ends our picturesque tour through downbeat accomplishments of Vibrasphere. The whole album complement also such rarities like: PEACE OF MIND, NORTHERN SUNSETS or MANZANILLA regarded by many as the best chillout production of the Swedish duo. It seems that a selection of tracks was not accidental, the whole perfectly fits together, and each individual track fits with another one.

SELECTED DOWNBEATS VOL. 1 without a doubt is suitable for the blissful relaxation and resting, and each of us should be grateful to these two gentlemen, that they have not stopped in their accomplishments only at the progressive sounds.

7 / 10