Lauge & Baba Gnohm – Langbortistan

English / Polish version

Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Langbortistan
    Lauge & Baba Gnohm

      1. Langbortistan
      2. Dybet
      3. H2O
      4. Refleksioner
      5. Nordlys
      6. Hypnose
      7. Rejsen


How big is a chance that an album that has not been released by an artist who is well-known 'on stage’, or has not appeared under a name of a well-known label, will be noticed and will get to a large audience and above all will it gain a deserved recognition? An answer seems to be obvious. The chances are wasted. Sometimes I wonder on this particular fact, how much such an artist must ensure and how much work he has to put into what he creates to get not only through those great artists but above all through a competition pressurized from each side. So what is a recipe for an album, over which someone has spent long hours, sometimes months or even years, to be noticed and appreciated? It must not only be above average. It simply must be good.
A duo Lauge & Baba Gnohm is not as anonymous as we might think at first, which fact could not be ignored by people more familiar with this topic and also it could not be indifferent to such a fine production as: DAYBREAK or MONOLITH about which it was very loud at one time. So who had a pleasure to taste the things to which the two gentlemen mentioned earlier were able to accustom us, certainly will not be disappointed with their latest production. For those who previously have not had any occasion to become familiar with their works, it certainly will be a pleasant and positive surprise.
Seven tracks diverse both in terms of content and sounds, whose duration varies within ten minutes (in my opinion it is long enough to properly 'smell’ this downtempo gem), but the longest of them is nearly fourteen minutes long. A climate, which is pleasant to an ear and even more enjoyable for a body, that we experience while listening, we can feel by ourselves, and I can even venture to a thesis that it could cause an addiction. It is meaningless to seek here some blunders, shortcomings or bad fragments – the album gives the impression that it is well prepared and refined from the beginning and at the same time the title track LANGBORTISTAN to the track called REJSEN which closes the whole. It is difficult to listen to this album with a somber or pouting face – a smile spontaneously pressures to our face with each track, and to our mind come the most pleasurable moments. An Epicurean kaleidoscope of visions and sound experiences.

This album is definitely worth a thoroughly familiarizing, not only during the long autumn evenings with a cup of good, hot, freshly brewed tea (although in those conditions it works as well). The album which is soothing, relaxing, well refined with a great attention to the details, gives a sense of carelessness and forgetfulness to a listener. Oh yes, 'the sense of oblivion’ is a perfectly matching term.


7 / 10