False Identity – Community of Me

English / Polish version

False Identity - Community of Me
    False Identity
    Community of Me

      01. The Perpetual Wandering Of The Ly-Cilph
      02. Intersection Dimension
      03. Every Branch Must Bend


False Identity is a solo project, for which stands Charles Bartlett from the UK, the artist professionally being involved in music for four years, and loving all the sounds from his childhood. COMMUNITY OF ME is his first EP, which was primarily inspired by music starting from psychedelic rock, metal, dub, ending with the classical music. This is quite an explosive mixture, but it is also solidly supported by some effects for example in a form of the first track THE PERPETUAL WANDERINGOF OF THE LY-CILPH, which combines a range of various styles so that in our memory there are were mainly some solid glitch sounds, and even though I am not really a big fan of them, frankly I must admit that these sounds are quite good to listen. A similar glitch composition, though perhaps more psydub one, is is the second track of this EP – INTERSECTION DIMENSION. The track is maintained in a similar melody as its predecessor, with the difference that in it we can hear some interesting, oriental inserts appearing from time to time and allowing us to a light musing in the world of the Orient. The last in the order, EVERY BRANCH MUST BEND is my number one in this EP. It develops slowly, and the initial sound of the water and the rustle of the forest make you immediately fall into a magical lethargy. The catchy, light and fine tune stays for a long in our swaying head, and EVERY BRANCH MUST BEND fits right to a rippling, chillout dancefloor.

COMMUNITY OF ME is not breathtaking, it does not tear the slippers from our feet, but it is a solid dose of psydub, good glitch music with a small gem in the form of the great last track. It is a quite short EP, but it gives us the hope that the next productions from False Identity project will be heard from the speakers repeatedly. I think that there is nothing to do but to wait for the full album from the hands of Charles.

6.5 / 10