Anesthesia – State Of Mind

English / Polish version

Anesthesia - State Of Mind
    State Of Mind

      1. Delic
      2. I’m Corney
      3. Asia
      4. Unconscious
      5. Blurp
      6. To Space
      7. While You Were Sleeping
      8. 2nd Dream
      9. By Angels
      10. Mortal
      11. Titti In Orbit
      12. Asleep
      13. Solaris V2


„Everyday you put yourself in a state of mind, everyday you depend on your state of mind, close your eyes and enjoy the trip of STATE OF MIND”.

Behind the mysteriously sounding name of the Katarsis project is hiding not somebody else like Michal Sommer. Earlier he was connected with another very well-known Danish label called Iboga Records. Quite a lot of time passed before Mr Sommer decided to found his own label set mainly to chillout and ambient sounds. In December 2005 Katarsis Lab is showing to the world its first-born child – STATE OF MIND. Giuseppe de Bellis, more familiar as Anesthesia, became known on the musical scene mainly because he has been connected with such labels as: Blue Room, TIP or even 10 Kilors for many years. What can I write about the album? If I was supposed to describe him by one word, I would write that it is ‘strange’, but since nothing what is strange is not alien to me, I regard the album as a really unique one. I propose to find an hour of some free time for ourselves so that nobody and nothing would not be able to disturb us; I also suggest to sit down comfortably, to spread legs, to put receivers on and what is the most important – to close our eyes… Now we are ready to read out the STATE OF MIND; I assure that everyone will perceive this album differently, in a way which is proper only for himself. The sounds coming really from the faraway ‘bizarre’ land will accompany us often. I think that it is time for you to check your STATE OF MIND…

To sum up, the album is certainly worth the repeated listening, because only then you will have the chance really to get to know it and discover more and more…

Enjoy the trip.

8 / 10