Ethneomystica Vol. 1

English / Polish version

Ethneomystica Vol. 1
    Ethneomystica Vol. 1

      01. Sub Aqua
      02. Swinging Satori
      03. Black Hole To The Soul
      04. Damien El Racho
      05. Infinity Inside
      06. The Wanderer
      07. Shamanic Wisdom
      08. Faces Come Out Of The Rain
      09. Pink Glasses
      10. Riddlefish (Maiia 2014 Remix)


Mystic Sound Records is a label debuting on the market of downtempo music, which has its roots in Russia. This label formed at the beginning of the year 2014 will give us some new sensations associated with this music, and as the founders say the new label will offer us mainly all varieties of downtempo music, primarily focused on such genres as: psytrance, goatrance, ambient, psychill or psydub. The founders themselves are worth mentioning, who are Alla Vagner (Maiia Project) and Edward Cybered, who is associated with a fairly large number of different projects, but always being a bit behind the backs of his colleagues.

ETHNEOMYSTICA is the first part of work of this duo, or frankly speaking of one half of it, because the whole compilation was prepared by Alla Vagner. In the compilation there are 10 tracks, and the artists who are in it, only attract the listeners, because the names such as: Globular, Slackbaba, Chronos or Yggdrasil speak for themselves, and by the way they are among the many other emerging and talented artists. What else speaks as a plus for this compilation is the fact that using bandcamp site, we can have it completely for free, however I urge to leave the proverbial two cents in a place 'name your price’.

But let us go back to what is the most important, I mean the compilation itself, which in a large part is maintained in a dub climate, as it is evidenced by the first three tracks that definitely were maintained in this arrangement, but the first two will be great for a lounge and sofa state, while the third will tease us a bit of a lethargy, in which we can fall thanks to ManMadeMan and Chronos. The mysterious and slightly sinister atmosphere will take control over us, and Radioactive Sandwich will wake in us a sense of fear. Our body will be calmed down after INFINITY INSIDE lasting almost fifteen minutes, which comes straight from the hand of the reliable Globular, who is the master of the dub elements, and mixing them with a little bit shpongle insertions, we get a great portion of sounds directly from a magic jungle. Slackbaba does not disappoint us and introduces our body in some pleasant, twitching vibrations. The same can be said about the next track – it is a pleasant feeling to listen to Yechidah, and the ethnic inserts in the dub track are working really well. The last three tracks do not give any specific changes for the entire compilation. Vlastur & JP Illusion, Mahaon, Yggdrasill maintain the level of their predecessors and in dub and ambient way they finish a mystical opus straight from Mystic Sound Records.

Every fan of the dub version of ambient music will be strongly satisfied with the achievements of the newly formed label. The whole holds a really high level, and the tracks themselves are almost perfectly matched. For me, there is only one thing missing here, I mean a little bit of diversity. There is too much dub in dub, and it can sometimes make tired. Anyway, who has not heard it, should hear it.

7 / 10