[ EgoDrop ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Cracow
    WHAT: mainly chillout
    PARTY: maybe one of Egodrop?
    LIKE: psychedelic culture
    PRIVATELY: Lukas

Fuhek is the zodiacal leo. The positive features of his character and personality he perfectly expresses through his music. He is quite long on the psychedelic scene in Poland, and often is associated with the crew from Rzeszów (Magowie Psychedelicznej Nuty) and Egodrop collective from Cracow.
What do can expect from the music served by Fuhek? First of all, Fuhek is not limited to one genre, and into his sets Fuhek usually presents a broad spectrum of downtempo, electronic music (of course it’s mostly psychedelic music). Lukas loves long, hypnotic sets in which he „grabs & catch” a great contact with the audience. As he often says: „Good music will defend itself, so there is nothing to talk about it, just listen to it.”
A huge influence on his music undoubtedly had a real live dinosaurs and legends of psychedelic scene, often known from such labels as: Twisted Records, Ultimae, Interchill or Avatar.