Erot – Thoughts From The Past

English / Polish version

Erot - Thoughts From The Past
    Thoughts From The Past

      1. Valeriana
      2. Atmos
      3. Mantra (Erot Rmx)


Erot, because of him I would like to write today, is one of the talents that for a long time has been present in the world of ambient music performers. Tore Mortensen, who is Erot, comes from Denmark and, as he calls himself, he is accompanied by music from an early age. Even as a child he was interested in such projects as: Kraftwerk, Prodigy and Chemical Brothers, but only a few years later, as it happens usually, after meeting goa trance music, he changed his current fascinations. He changed them so much that he began to create tracks in this genre, but once again very quickly came the next evolution – all thanks to the festival called Middle Earth, after which Tore thought that what he really loves is chillout. That was the year 2007 and it can be considered a breakthrough, because then to the daylight came the first productions signed with the name of Erot. The following years can be summarized as only climbing up the ladder of skills, and thus also the fact that the project has been noticed and appreciated by the 'bigger’ ones, as it can be evidenced by the first EP released by Gravition Records, as well as the emergence in the compilation RELAX MODE from Blue Rec. Tunes, or even the mix of track ECLIPSE released by the great Altar Records. The last achievement of Tore is the EP, THOUGHTS FROM THE PAST, which has appeared as Self Released, and going along with the times, the tracks are also available in an electronic version. THOUGHTS FROM THE PAST consist of two separate, brand new productions of Erot and one remix of the track MANTRA, for which Lemonchill is responsible. VALERIANA, ATMOS and the above mentioned MANTRA can be characterized by a wide range of chill music perception. Starting from the melancholic, warm atmosphere, we move swiftly on the campuses of some positive vibes. It may seem that the mixture is quite explosive, but the skills of Tore ideally build the atmosphere in every track. There is not a hasty exultation, as well as any spectacular falls, but there we have a solidly selected dose of positive sounds, tastefully selected inserts, interesting and surprising moments and above all the atmosphere soothing the soul.

In the summary, Erot does not discover anything new in this genre, but certainly he finds himself in it in one hundred percent. The sounds of the EP THOUGHTS FROM THE PAST seep into us and are permanently there, because to get rid of them is extremely difficult. The big plus here is that despite the fact that the tracks are winding around like clouds in the sky, as a whole the EP is not boring. If you want to lie down and rest quietly, then there is no wonder – check it out!

7 / 10