Perfect Blind – Surfacing

English / Polish version

Perfect Blind – Surfacing
    Perfect Blind

      1. Calm Below
      2. Nimbus Two
      3. Syncope
      4. Surfacing


Igor Ceranic, every day a student of the economics at the University of Zagreb, and during his spare time Perfect Blind – a musician, composer, fan of some chillout and calm sounds. He has started his adventure with the downtempo music in 2003, but until three years later he has released his first EP called REMINISCENCE via the netlabel Diggarama. After a year there came the next EP called – UNDER THE BENEATH, kept in a style which is slightly psytrance, ambient and drum’n’bass. The year 2008 is again the typical ambient EP called DISCOVERIES, and the current year 2010 is the free of charge EP, available in an electronic form EP SURFACING, released by a German netlabel Akashic-Records. SURFACING consists of four tracks forming a musical landscape of some lazy sounds. The initial CALM BELOW can be considered as a longer intro. A hypnotic melody, delicious atmosphere give only the beginning of the next sensations. In fact, our journey begins only with the track number two – NIMBUS TWO. Our senses finally start to work at full speed. Some hypnotic and magical sounds reach the ears, the eyes see more vivid colors and the smell and taste become the sweetest and nicest perfumes of the world. Slightly bemused and mesmerized, almost unconsciously we move to SYNCOPE. The third track continues our enchanted journey. It takes us on some more distant recesses of our consciousness. It allows us to both joyous and blissful detachment from the reality. Perfect Blind in these two tracks gives us all the best that is in downtempo music – moments of the forgetfulness and separation, subtle and joyful. The idyll and forgotten smell of the spring, the forgotten color of green grass remind us the track ending the EP called SURFACING, which awakens us from the hypnotic sleep, and with a slightly cheerful tone soothes our still dormant senses.

In conclusion, one would like to ask why again just an EP? The possibilities of Igor are enormous, each track contains a large dose of the positive and magical energy, so you should look at the continued actions of the young Croat, and wait impatiently for the full album.


7 / 10