The Future Sound Of Ambient

English / Polish version

The Future Sound Of Ambient
    The Future Sound Of Ambient

      Million Town
      Out Of Body (Radio Edit)
      Inner Rhythm (Bio Sensitive Mix)
      PARADISE 3001
      Solar Temple
      Travel Without Moving
      Ballet Fusion (Radio Edit)
      Paper Desert
      Lotus Position
      Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun


Old as the hills, and simultaneously fresh as the morning, warm rolls – weird, don’t you think? Such contradictory feelings can accompany us only when we discover anew what the music chillout world had to offer us over fifteen years ago. Preoccupied with what the music market offers us today, we often forget about what once aroused our musical delight. The things that inspired us, added energy, allowed to escape into the land of forgetfulness. Since last all the music stuff that is new has become too hackneyed for me, and I can boldly say that even monotonous, I have decided to rummage a little bit in a wide, ambient collection. In motion went the classics of the eighties of the last century, and also a tad younger and more psybient albums. This kind of album or rather compilation, which immediately caught my attention, was the first part of the series THE FUTURE SOUND OF AMBIENT. Immediately the smile has appeared on my face, because I felt that William Orbit, Higher Innteligence Agency, FSOL or Sven Vath not without a reason appeared in this album, compiled by two Israelis – Avi Yossef and Gal Offer. Was it worth the rummage and getting back into the past? Let us see! ‘The Trip Begins…’.

THE FUTURE SOUND OF AMBIENT begins William Orbit’s Strange Cargo with his charming and romantic MILLION TOWN. This track is a quiet and peaceful walk through a deserted metropolis among some mysterious wheezing, murmurs, and slightly audible individual voices. Higher Intelligence Agency speaks for itself – it must be good! SPEEDLEARN is characterized by a monotonous, uptempo beat, which in combination with the vocal and wide use of various effects, introduces us to a very joyous state. This blissful joy and a broad smile on our faces will sustain Analogical with his CAMILLO, which begins rather sadly, but along with the emerging beat everything comes back to normal, and our legs want to dance. Another track will stick us in a cosy armchair, tell us to close our eyes and sail into a cosmic paradise of psychedelic sounds. OUT OF BODY – guaranteed. INNER RHYTHM will restore us to the real world and again in uptempo climate will develop our wings of joy. There are plenty of whistles, murmurs, gusts and a whole range of various positive vibrations in here. The track number six. I think that any comment is superfluous here. Who knows – knows, who does not know – must know! LIFEFORMS (FSOL) – a classic and a kind of a forerunner of everything what is psybient in today’s music world. A volcano of positive energy, good vibrations, and above all unforgettable experiences. Intermix will take us to the SOLAR TEMPLE, and we will become witnesses of a mysterious ritual. Bill Lebb and Rhys Fulber used the voice of Mongolian throat-singing monks which appeared many times and it gives an amazing nature to this track. SOLAR TEMPLE is not only the longest track in the compilation, but also the most diverse and the most mysterious. Eight – and without the slightest, physical movement we are going into another dimension of the universe. Karma De La Luna tries to persuade us to do so, but perhaps a little bit too sharply. Anyway, sharply or not – he manages to do so. Sven Vath in ambient compilation? The first impression – someone probably did something wrong. BALLET FUSION is a ‘mild’ and in my opinion, of course a better side of Sven. Slightly reverberating violin quickly turns into ‘the medium power ambient’. A minus of this is that it is only a ‘radio edit’ version, it should be much longer. PAPER DESERT of Humberstone brothers in the charming style of ‘modern classical’ resounds from the speakers and perfectly blends into the background of the evening chat. I definitely prefer this style than the lounge purposeless lying on the couch. The penultimate track, LOTUS POSITION is a veritable meditative and relaxing hike in the furthest recesses of our consciousness. Morris Gould ideally inspires us (unfortunately) to the last chill dose, which is SET THE CONTROLS FOR THE HEART OF THE SUN in the implementation of a Finnish trio called Nemesis. The final track is a blissful state of chillout intoxication, which perfectly completes our unforgettable journey through THE FUTURE SOUND OF AMBIENT.

To sum up – ‘we should go back to the roots’.

9 / 10