Two A.D. (Volume Two Ambient Dub)

English / Polish version

Two A.D. (Volume Two Ambient Dub)
    Two A.D. (Volume Two Ambient Dub)

      01. Behind The Sun (Deep Ambient Mix)
      02. Autumn Leaves
      03. Triangle
      04. Voyage On The Marie Celeste
      05. Pleidean Communication
      06. Baby Interphase
      07. Tortoise
      08. Sunken Garden
      09. Late Night
      10. Aquasonic


Sound From The Ground, Phutureprimitive, Bluetech, Omnimotion are only a few who were able to enter under the wings of Waveform Records. This British label, founded in late 1993 and 1994 set itself the objective of stimulating an intelligent audience, putting them on the path carpeted with ambient and exotic essence of sound. Polished and balanced harmony is just one of the many positive attributes that describe an under British flag. What is behind this in all of these superlatives may be a compilation TWO AD released two years after the formation of Waveform Records. Let’s see.

At the beginning we are bombarded with deep and intelligent ambient, somewhat reminiscent of the famous release from Ultimae Records. The Starseeds – BEHIND THE SUN begins slowly and sluggishly. In the background we hear all the cream chillout sounds. Murmur, groan, „splashing” which are forming into the deep and mysterious phrase pronounced by a female voice. Great track to lie in in chillout room, surfacing in the deepest phase chillout departure. Magical, even an excellent start. Number two is the Coldcut AUTUMN LEAVES. Since our current fall in the autumn does not have much in common, perhaps even those few minutes will make that we can see an orange-gold leaves. Like the previous track, everything starts with the delicate and subdued „twang” that when we close your eyes, you really begin to resemble the aura of autumn. We are dealing with moments of total silence and forgetfulness, to suddenly we are able to experience a firm and strong voice. The voice that takes us on an unforgettable journey through the deserted colorful, autumn landscape. Anyway autumn can be beautiful. So far only two tracks I have heard, and I do not know what was happening to me. I guess I go somewhere still. Number three reached the horizon. Sounds From The Ground – TRIANGLE, and I know that will not fail. Because if SFTG ever fail?! This time we fall a little lower from high clouds, but still maintain a safe distance between heaven and earth. Frail and full of mystery sounds are enthralling our minds with every second. Lost in space, floating freely. Relaxation peak. This is great, and at the same time magical. Number four, Groove Corporation – A VOYAGE ON THE MARIE CELESTE. We took the Scottish brigantine belonging to a Scottish company, JH Winchester and Co., which is November 5, 1872 sailed from the port of New York with a cargo of 1701 barrels of spirits. December 4 was noticed about 400 miles from Gibraltar – has flowed without a crew, originally numbering 10 people. Are we on the journey with Groove Corporation also disappear? I do not want, because I still have much ahead of us. Let’s see what we got here. Some strange noise and slightly house style melody, supported by the ubiquitous echo. There is all too monotonous, too shallow and boring, killing what was until now. I want to have the number five. A Positive Life – PLEIDEAN COMMUNICATION. Quickly, much faster than ever before. Cosmically and fully psychedelic. Briskly and smartly. Cleverly and cunningly. Mystically and over sensitive. Deeply and forcefully. Majestically and dignified. A Positive Life – thank you, it was uprightly. Numero sei. Biosphere – BABY Interphase and again I know what awaits me. It will be freezy, but this kind of frost I like a lot. I have not enough time to cooled down for good after PLEIDEAN COMMUNICATION, and here they are taking me in the unclassified, emotional circumpolar vortex. Whole saturated air from the vicinity of Tromso and the bitter frost of the Arctic Circle. Seven. Higher Intelligence Agency – TORTOISE. Chink, chink, chink. Beginning dull and average. Indifferent and mediocre. As the title indicates, everything is growing very slowly and I feel as if did not want to develop. Listen to the end, but tempted to press the „next”. Human Mesh Dance – Sunken GARDEN. Ahh, this lightness and deftness. Everything spins and staggers fractal circles over our heads. Delicate and pleasant beat makes this track attracts, although most of the time is monotonous. In conclusion, it is nothing special and well-worn standards are easily noticeable. Time for the penultimate number, or Insanity Sect – LATE NIGHT. Something out there is waiting for us to tiny steps creeps toward us. I guess we did not plunge into the unknown, late at night. Because of the last two tracks, this compilation has lost its magic charm. Became a bit pointless. Pumk, pumk and nothing more. Zero finesse, quite poorly, and I look up in disbelief at the fact that since time immemorial have already tread the earth. However, up there was much more interesting. There it was happening. But I know that even go back there. Now let’s see yet, what will be performed by AQUASONIC – A Positive Life. Beginning idyllic, fairy. Measure sugary, nostalgic and spacy. End quite poor.

Whole – diverse. Very good sides of this album are interwoved with the poor ones, colorful – with gray. Advantages should not hide the minuses, and vice versa. Everyone meets their needs. Perfect for an autumn evening. I recommend.

6.5 / 10