English / Polish version

    WHERE: Katowice
    WHAT: psychedelic
    ALBUM: maybe some day…
    PARTY: several
    LIKE: oldschool / modern
    DISLIKE: vixa
    PRIVATELY: troll on

Under a pseudonym Psysutra hides Łukasz Wiącek, born in 1989. Psysutra began his journey into the electronics in 2004 from Detroit techno classics, gradually learning about the different branches of electronic music such as ambient, IDM or psytrance. The first psybient track which he heard was a dub remix of ‘Solstice’ by Hallucinogen. Although at the beginning (since 2007) his productions have focused on the mainstream of psychedelic trance, Psysutra began to appreciate the magic of some slower tracks and he decided to do first steps towards the exploration of them. In his performances you can find some influences of the best producers (according to Łukasz) of chillout and not only. These are, among others: CBL, Shpongle, Healer, Drexciya, Astral Projection etc. Psysutra by an acquaintance with his cousin started listening to different types of techno represented among others by Jeff Mills, Blake Baxter, Dave Tarrida, Cristian Vogel, Drexciya and some other styles represented mainly by AFX and Kraftwerk. His adventure with the psychedelic trance began with the track ‘Elation Station’ of Infected Mushroom. The next step was to familiarize with the achievements of producers such as: X-Dream, Astral Projection, Koxbox, Hallucinogen, Miranda, Goa Gil. He fell madly in love with some oldschool analog sounds, and especially with acid TB-303, known earlier from some techno productions. In the same year there was made a decision to participate in a creation of history of the music goatrance as a MindHunter (MH). In early 2008, Łukasz with his two friends has founded a formation called Psysutra, which after a few months turned into his solo project.

Psysutra works on the expressiveness of the style of his productions originally based on the oldschool likes AFX and some other artists from the nineties. In addition to oldschool an inspiration for Łukasz are also some ancient civilizations with an emphasis on Latin America, an atmospheric drum’n’bass, sci-fi movies and experimental musical forms. The hallmarks of the style of Psysutra are mostly some distorted and angry sounds of TB-303, crystal tones of SH-101, the percussion of classical automata TR and complex textures. You can get to know the music of Psysutra on his profile on the site Soundcloud.