Kaminanda – Gateways Of Consciousness

English / Polish version

Kaminanda – Gateways Of Consciousness
    KAMINANDA (Self Release)
    Gateways Of Consciousness

      1. Yessence
      2. Conscious Droplets
      3. The Yum Factor
      4. Ritual Ecologies
      5. Fearless Bridger
      6. Temple Of De’Light
      7. S’Elf Power
      8. Subterranean Fountain
      9. Pele’s Breath
      10. Peace Mala
      11. As Above… So Below


GATEWAYS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, that is how to cross the door of our consciousness properly. I think the project Kaminanda knows the answer to this (you may think) complicated question. And I have no doubt that each of you after listening to this album certainly will at least come closer to those gates.

Kaminanda is a project that grew its roots in Canada, where it made its first steps in the difficult world of music. An inspiration to music of artists such as: Shpongle, Beats Antique, Kalya Scintilla, Ganga Giri, Bluetech, Ott, Pink Floyd and Desert Dwellers entails a distinctive, fresh and very innovative style that is very difficult to pigeonhole. However, just to be closer to this style, I will write that it oscillates around such species as: ethno, tribal, shamanic dub, tantric psyhop, midtempo – that is, apparently, an original creation for sure.

And what can we expect from the album GATEWAYS OF CONSCIOUSNESS? Certainly not boring, well-known, conventional sounds. My impression is that the album was created in order to derive pleasure from it by the handful, no matter whether we listen to it while lying on a meadow and staring at the sky, or by using a good soundsystem at home – it always evokes the same positive emotions and makes our endorphins start to go crazy. Each of the eleven tracks stands out in a significant way and moves the recipient in totally different, new places, however listening to them one by one, I feel that they blend into one long unit. It seems to me that the order of the tracks here has also been solidly thought-out and there is no place for a chance.

The content of the album is a walk between the parallel worlds – one that is fairly well-known to us and it seems that we know everything about it, that is consciousness and the second one which still remains an undiscovered mystery to us, raises many questions to which there is no rational answer, that is the subconsciousness. Fortunately, our guide (Kaminanda), with which we went on this journey, knows how to navigate through the paths of our perception, it knows all the possible shortcuts, secret passages, dangerous and dark places; it knows where to stop for a little rest, and finally how to safely reach the desired destination. An establishment and recipe is not complicated, you only need to find yourself a secluded place, save a little over an hour of time, wear headphones and press the button 'play’ – that is all. At least I did it.


8 / 10