Made of Dawn

English / Polish version

Made of Dawn
    Made Of Dawn

      1. A Monkey
      2. The Time Of Fire
      3. Across And Up
      4. Synpathetic Resonance
      5. From Nowhere
      6. Restless Dub
      7. Harmonia (Chromidome rmx)
      8. Slowpoke Pinoke
      9. Stormekanika
      10. Another Time, Another Place


Blue Hour Sounds – a little known label based in the Italian Bologna. However, when we look at the excellent musical group which is a part of the first chillout compilation of this label, we will claim that the fact that in psybient world it is so far unrecognizable is not worth bothering. I think, that thanks to such celebrities as: Pitch Black, Sounds From The Ground or Kick Bong, we will hear about some chill enthusiasts from Bologna more than once. Let us check, what MADE OF DAWN will bring to us.

A MONKEY begins our slow wandering through an enchanted land. The light and at the same time sonorous beat, some soft echoes of drumming and free, soothing sounds. All that gives us Lemon Tree for a good beginning (indeed a very successful one). Here the time passes definitely much slower and imperceptibly we soak into a sofa, on which we actually lounge. It is a turn for Hibernation who gives us a dose of some specific and soft chill as it goes for a proven brand. An atmosphere dominating in the track called TIME OF FIRE is a continuation of what we have heard a few moments earlier. Again we will go deep into some delicate and soothing sounds, and the time will slow down much more. Snakestyle does not lag and it sustains our state of the blissful relaxation. Listening to the sounds of Puff Dragon we will be awoken. The time will return to its normal run, and we will feel a desire to rock a little bit. SYNPATHETIC RESONANCE will give us quite a lot of positive energy. By the sounds of the track FROM NOWHERE certainly we will not feel disappointed. Once again Kick Bong proves that his possibilities are huge and he attacks our body and mind with a whole group of some custom sounds. The integrity is kept in a fast and swinging tempo but the sounds reaching from everywhere, echo and rustles cause that this track tends to be a guide of our journey. RESTLESS DUB – deeply, with a little dose of emotion and dub parts of course. After a solid waking up which Jousselin Franck has provided us, SFTG takes us in a half mystical, half magical travel. We have to admit that it is really interesting. Pitch Black or rather Chromidome concentrated mainly on the HARMONY and reviving our bodies which are already relaxed. The waft of joy and freshness describes best what we meet here. Yestegan ChaY fascinates and whirls. Here you can find a little bit of dub, ambient and it is really a worldwide track. All the murmurs and grinds were united into one perfect link. The very track is neither fast nor slow. In other words STORMEKANIKA is psybient magic. For sure the presence of Beat Bizarre on the chillout compilation is surprising, but after getting acquainted with the track SLOWPOKE PINOKE it is possible to state only one thing – a man does not live only by psytrance. Pineal moves us into another place, into another time. I think that it is a transition with a smile and satisfaction hopefully to next, chill proposition straight from the label Blue Hour Sounds.

8 / 10