Entheogenic ‎– Entheogenic

English / Polish version

Entheogenic ‎– Entheogenic

      1. Level One
      2. Light Ocean Blue
      3. We Are One
      4. Beyond Zero
      5. Astral Cave
      6. Liquid Universe
      7. Yage
      8. Earth Song
      9. Absolute Love


ENTHEOGENIC, the first album of the duo Oak-Rhind-Glavar achievements, and for me one of the first psychill albums, which came into my hands at the beginning of my adventure with the trance culture. ENTHEOGENIC has the sentimental value for me, just next to THE MYSTERY OF THE YETI, ARE YOU SHPONGLED it became my ABC of the psy sounds, an encyclopedia of psyworld, a guide to the imagination driven by the entheogens. Right away I should warn you that my review will not be too objective – Entheogenic is my favourite psychill/psybient (whatever you call it) project and my opinion about this duo probably will not change. I love them for organicity sounds, for creating the specific, colorful world straight from the distant Amazonian jungle. Not without reason, their first album (as well as others) always reminded me of the green, lush vegetation, a little wet, but warm, tropical air, of the exotic types of flowers, wild animals, books of Terence McKenna, another dimension of reality, which is still undiscovered or incomprehensible by many of us.

ENTHEOGENIC, also known as Ayahuasca trip, combining genres such as: ambient, chillout, trance, dub, drum and bass with some instrumental elements, sounds of nature, animals, female vocals, creates a complete trance work from the top shelf. If on my way appeared someone who would not be completely familiar with the psychedelic world, who would not know from which side to bite the topic, with my full awareness I would give him the album of Entheogenic from the year 2002. It is amazing what kind of emotions even now the eleven year old album can arouse! I do not know what about you, but whenever I listen to the tracks of this album, I experience the full catharsis – the sounds served up by the British and Austrian are a patch on my spiritual wounds, a soothing poultice for my torn nerves. Although ENTHEOGENIC was my companion in a variety of circumstances, moments of life, and I know it inside out, my reaction to the musical material of the Oak-Rhind-Glavar duo is still alive and I just admit that I am once again impressed. I might even be tempted to say that the music stories created by Entheogenic, colloquially speaking, are in hundred percent exactly what is played in my soul. I will not write anything else about this album… Each new sentence would be dragging, boring, because ENTHEOGENIC has such an abundance of sounds, images, smells, tastes in it, that any, even the finest pen would not be able to give its mood. Dear friends, I invite you on the Ayahuasca trip!

10 / 10