Makyo – Vismaya

English / Polish version

Makyo – Vismaya

      1. Vismaya
      2. Pura


For a long time they lye hidden somewhere deeply, hidden from the sun and probably on their way forgotten. Of course I think about the albums released prior to an advent of the twenty first century, or if you like before the advent of a ubiquitous cyberculture. Such an album that did not fall into my hands again by accident, is an incredible and timeless VISMAYA for which Makyo (Giovanni Fazio) is responsible. A virtuoso of dub, ambient, oriental sounds, and above all refined subtleties combining all these species. VISMAYA is the third consecutive album in his collection, which contains only or even two productions. These are some musical metamorphosis lasting over several minutes, maintained in a downtempo climate, but every next minute brings another metamorphosis. The intensity of sound changes, and each track evolves in an original and characteristic for Makyo way.

The title VISMAYA begins gently, leading us in a dub beat, which will accompany us for most of the duration of the track. Makyo also does not avoid some experiments and searching of new sounds. An example for this fact might be using one of the traditional Indian instruments, namely a tabla and Indian vocal accompanying that tabla. Makyo for twenty five blissful minutes leads us through his entire musical virtuosity and in no way, even for a moment does not give us reason to be bored.

In the introduction to the track number two it is worth noting that it was registered as a live act performed by Makyo on the island of Bali, and more specifically in Camphuan. PURA begins with a prayer, some bells accompanying it and sounds of the sitar’s strings (another reference to the Indian tradition). It is this sound of playing on sitar’s string that gives a mystical atmosphere to the track. PURA with its slender and gentle sounds ideally suits to the blissful and lazy resting under a blue cloud, and an oriental aspect of the whole only completes our blissful experiences.

However VISMAYA contains only two tracks, it is a huge dose of positive vibrations, and if someone mislaid this disc somewhere just like I did, he should take its renewal as soon as possible.

8 / 10