Chicko & Claxon

[ Walachian Tribe ] English / Polish version

Chicko & Claxon
    WHERE: Slovakia
    WHAT: downtempo
    Official Site

Peter, Chicko and Martin, Claxon are two DJs beyond our southern border, belonging to the Slovak-Czech non-profit organization called Walachian Tribe. This group deals with various aspects of the psychedelic trend. The main areas of activity of the project are broadly defined psychedelic music, UV decorations, visualizations, but also what is interesting, the dissemination of knowledge concerning the use of traditional herbs, particularly mentioning the issue of growing, harvesting, and processing, as well as using all sorts of other natural products. The music played by the aforementioned duo Chicko and Claxon is a multi-species oscillation between strong, dark sounds, melodic fullon and spatial psytance. What is more, not only fast and strong playing has its place in their wide repertoire, and therefore they often can be found in chillrooms, where they serve soothing ambient, energetic chillout or surprising mix of untamed world music genre.