[ Toga Dansverg ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Seaside
    WHAT: Toga Dansverg
    ALBUM: hard to say
    PARTY: too many
    PRIVATELY: Daniel

Leading figure of one of the oldest and most well known collectives involved in organizing psychedelic trance scene in Poland. Toga Dansverg Group was set up in 2001 and from that time it conquers clubs and open air parties around the Polish seaside. One of the most popular figures in the seaside collective is Daniel, better known as Atan. Under a huge influence on psychedelic events in which he had a chance to take part in Germany, decided to introduce this phenomenon to Polish audience. Atan does not avoid the classic genre in his sets, which are usually full of energy, cheerful but also the mystical sounds, Atan plays in the chillout rooms as well. Here, too, his sets are filled with pieces from the heyday of music currently defined as psychedelic chillout. If we add to his sets a perfect technique, we get a perfect performance which for a long time to be in our memories