Carbon Based Lifeforms – Interloper

English / Polish version

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper
    Carbon Based Lifeforms

      24. Interloper
      25. Right Where It Ends
      26. Central Plain
      27. Supersede
      28. Init
      29. Euphotic
      30. Frog
      31. M
      32. 20 Minutes
      33. Polyrytmi


Carbon Based Lifeforms duo needs no introduction to anyone, because everyone who had contact with chillout music, not once or even twice heard and fell in love with their songs or even entire albums. Also each of us probably waited impatiently for the next achievements of CBL. Everyone knows THE PATH, HYDROPONIC GARDEN, WORLD OF SLEEPERS. It is THE PATH that sets the target of our journey through HYDROPONIC GARDEN to the magical world of dreams. The album WORLD OF SLEEPERS is so far one of the few masterpieces of psybient music. So what can we expect in their freshest album? I guess that after listening to the album INTERLOPER we will not feel disappointed.

The title INTERLOPER and we know that we are dealing with CBL. Permanent, calm beat and melancholic melody set us in a relaxing state. Our mind for a moment is suspended in a vacuum and without any thoughts we move with the subtle melody and gently resounding vocal. You think that everything is simple and quiet, but you can seen that here happens a lot.

‘Here they come, twilight times
Prepare yourself, for the fall
Let dark light ease the impact
And take the leap
Right where it ends’

Is it possible to link up a huge portion of mysteriousness with cheerful and optimistic mood? Yes, it is and the track number two is the best example for that. Slightly dark spoken words, a piercing beat make your hands rise up to the blissful waving.

CENTRAL PLAIN and all nice but lost moments come to my mind. A travel to the past, unfinished actions, unspoken sentences. Here it all seems to be fleeting and simple. The solutions are at your fingertips. It is a pity to leave this place and part with this hypnotic voice that perhaps leads us to some simple answers to everything?!

SUPERSEDE starts without any real bass line, and this happens just to let the beat reach after a few seconds and almost pull us to the jolly rolling. The whole is simple and monotonous, but it does not interfere to bring a smile to our faces by this track, because probably there is no one in whom that smile would arise.

‘Slowly, she lifts her head, from the pillow of winter boredom
Rigidly, she rises from her icy grave
With light in her eyes
And fight in her fists
She commences the winter war
And as the ice walks away
The spring queen will take over’

I think that what we hear from the child’s mouth at the beginning of the track, perfectly captures the prevailing atmosphere. The travel into the deepest recesses of our soul. The travel to the most confusing and unexplained cases. There is a lot of melancholic and sad emotions, but what is the most important, these emotions make that the album is no longer great, but excellent.

A cute box with an enchanted content is probably the best translation for EUPHOTIC. CBL present us a whole range of their capabilities. Through some tracks which are merry, full of vigor, melancholic, with a large dose of meditation, we finally get a spinning portion of some ambient sounds. Our eyelids are becoming heavier, and the mind begins to play tricks and introduces our body into a state of levitation.

FROG – to be honest, only after looking at the tracklist, I have noticed that there is such a track in this album. So far, it seemed to me that this melancholic track is still called EUPHOTIC. It is worth noting the angelic and slender vocal, which accompanies us at some time. However, one thing is the most interesting to me – why FROG?

‘Do there exist many worlds, or is it but a single world?’ and our melancholic dream is interrupted slowly and gently, all the matter thanks to an unidentified ‘M’. One world? For me, this is far too little. Sometimes it is worth opening the gate of the enchanted and better world. The world without worries and problems. The world filled with the happiness, sunshine and love. That better world is just a indefinite M, which is different for each of us.

20 MINUTES – but really it only is slightly more than seven. Why only? Because it is never too much of some spinning, blissful, musical landscapes served to us by the Swedish duo. 20 MINUTES is another portion of the wonderful, relaxing, chillout music. Every second seems to be the most magical sonic ecstasy. Here you want to last forever.

Gently narrowed eyes, wavy body and soul full of positive vibes and emotions. That is how I feel listening to the final POLYRYTMI. The track leading to nowhere, perfectly composing to the chillroom. All the people are sleeping, with a broad smile on their faces and joyful spirit in the body. But why POLYRYTMI goes to nowhere? Therefore, it is not the end… this is just the beginning.

One day ‘someone’ told me that the electronic music has no soul, that there is a lack of any emotions in it. In this case, I had no choice but to offer that person listening to the album WORLD OF SLEEPERS, which changed this statement about a lack of emotions. Then came the time for INTERLOPER, which gave an evidence for the presence of the soul in the electronic music. What is the conclusion? The music of Carbon Based Lifeforms changes people in a positive way.


10 / 10