Phutureprimitive – Kinetik

English / Polish version

Phutureprimitive - Kinetik

      1. Cryogenic Dreams
      2. Kinetik
      3. Xotica
      4. The Changeling
      5. Rapid Cognition
      6. Ripple Effect
      7. High Rez
      8. Predatory Instincts
      9. Center Of Gravity
      10. Disappear


In the music I am looking for a paradox which indicates that I can not hear it. I want to feel it with all the senses, I want it to surround me, cuddle, fondle. Sometimes I expect that it will move me, stimulate, shake up and force to some actions. I do not mind if it would change and refine me. You do not even realize how hard it is to find such album, how hard its is to find such sounds. Fortunately it is not impossible. The album, which recently has provided me such feelings is KINETIK by Phutureprimitive. Every time when I am surrounded by a meaty bass served in various compositions, I think that some kind of a revolution is being made. The time wants to move more slowly, sometimes it stops, and even recycles! Such a strange feeling. But also very refreshing. Who remembers the previous album of Rain, who stands behind the project Phutureprimitive, should forget about it quickly, because the sounds that will flow from the speakers, are just a different story. A tribal, shamanic atmosphere has disappeared. The album presented here is thoroughly contemporary. A creator of this confusion aptly described it: ‘This album is a reflection of the times we are living in… hard and aggressive…, lush and beautiful, kinetic, frenetic, distorted, ever changing… but with each passing moment, a chance to move through life and make it a better place than we found it’. Congratulations, Rain, such an impression you were able to obtain.

It is incomprehensible to me why many people want to hook the presented album into dubstep. Although many tracks are built basing on the bass, bringing an immediate association with this genre, however you can not enter the mood, space and climate of this album into the framework of a single stream of the electronic music. Definitely this is not this kind of music which you can not serve to a cushion or take it over the river to relax. I would rather call it the music of reflections and thoughts, especially on a condition of humanity, because in the long run it is a specific study of modernity, expressed in sounds. And if someone is far from a thinker’s approach to the music, he will find there the power motivating to act (I personally think that the tastiest dishes came out from under my hands when I have been auditioning this album), during the morning jogging he will get an extra portion of energy, and a meeting with friends will receive an extraordinary musical setting. Despite this ‘new’ sound, about which I have written earlier, there are some large amounts of psybient, and whoever does not believe, he should carefully listen to the track closing the album called DISAPPEAR and simply… chill out.


8 / 10
Beata Brzoza