Magowie Psychodelicznej Nuty

[ MPN – Rzeszów ] English / Polish version

Magowie Psychodelicznej Nuty
    WHERE: Rzeszów
    WHAT: wizards
    ALBUM: try to guess?
    PARTY: hallucinations
    LIKE: psychedelic
    PRIVATELY: again wizards

The team Magowie Psychodelicznej Nuty was set up probably in 2004, although its members were interested in music since their childhood. Magowie come from Rzeszow, and it was there that put up its first steps in the world of psychedelic. They started to conquer clubs in Rzeszow, transferring their raging audience into the world of twisted, almost fractal sounds, and thanks to the unique, magical atmosphere that surrounded their performances, gaining them a reputation for being real Wizards. Their events are undoubtedly a fusion of psychedelic visions and sounds. It is worth noting that the events are characterized by amazing scenery UV decorations (3D structures, backdrops). The responsibility of a permanent partnership with the Wizards crew is UV Art Deko Team, chaired by Arti. Whole, the music, scenery and atmosphere encourage everyone to be a part of the musical performance, it’s really a real treat for even the most demanding fans of psychedelic music.

The group members are:

His sets are characterized by delicate, but rather a deep productions with a pinch of progressive (coming from cold Scandinavia). It’s quite original form on our independent music scene,he is primarily a supporter of challenging, ambitious, electronic sounds. Pitt always seeks and builds the most climatic atmosphere served in his sets, in which he creates a specific kind of story – everything has a definite place in line.

Is considered by many to be extremely talented dj who is able to seize the listener in a unique, musical journey. Dominorr’s sets are multithreaded tales usually represented with using a large dose of energy and hypnotic sounds. This sophisticated selection, in which the modern sounds engage with the classics of the genre. Great influence on his musical approach have the precursors of psychedelic music beyond our eastern border.

His sets are full spectrum of psychedelic music which takes its origin in the delicate and sensitive chillout productions through stronger, more aggressive sound (psytrance, full on), on the hard and really strong psychedelic ending. At the same time his sets have characteristic sound, which became a hallmark of Yaos. Music, which he presents is filled with massive bassline, lifting and driving energy and unique atmosphere with a touch of mystery.