Ishq – Sama

English / Polish version

Ishq - Sama

      1. Intro
      2. Sama
      3. Vidya
      4. Energeia
      5. Elysian
      6. Urasvati
      7. Persia
      8. Path
      9. Mandala


A modern Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a man with a thousand and one faces, or rather with a thousand and one characters along with Jacqueline Kersley creates a project with a mysteriously sounding name – Ishq. Of course the work of Matt Hillier because of him we have just mentioned, is also known from many other projects, such as: Ishvara or Elve. However, today let us look closer at the crown project, from which Mr. Hillier has proven himself the most. Exactly on 10th September 2010 this time thanks to a Greek label called Electronic Soundscapes Records has appeared the latest position of Ishq with a familiar-sounding title – SAMA.

About the music of Matt Hillier you can write a lot. And even more. But whatever we write about it, we could divide the recipients of this music only into two groups – those who are delighted by each elementary sound and even dissolve themselves, listening to the music, which comes from the hand of a master, and those who totally does not get it and remain indifferent to it. Although the division seems to be quite primitive, it is very important and soon I will just try to explain why this is so. Ishq keeps the level. As in some other great artists in this scene, so in the case of Hillier his music has its own rules and is so characteristic that even after listening to the first few sounds we are able to respond who stands behind them. For the album SAMA the situation is similar. I get a new album in my hand, quickly throw a look at the pleasant green cover, and it takes me several minutes to see cupped hands (probably indicating the letter ‘A’). The album just as quickly goes into the player. Well, yeah, sure, after a few first tunes with appreciation I nod in a gesture of satisfaction (I quickly catch up myself on this fact). It is good – I think. How else could it be? I love these spaces in his music when you can afford to shut down and reset up totally. It lacks any boundaries in here, and what turns me in the music of Ishq the most is the fact that it is so unpredictable. It is difficult for some patterns and conventions here, and the lack of some monotonously repeated sequences makes the album absolutely consuming an attention of the recipient, the same not allowing him to occupy with something extra. A deep, full of surprises and ‘landscape’, ambient journey in the best edition – perhaps this is the simpliest way to define this album. It would be perfect to listen to these sounds, while lying comfortably in a hammock late spring or early summer somewhere in the garden or orchard, when this music is indeed the perfect way to combine the sounds of the nature. Ehhh, I dream a bit. Maybe I sweeten to much? And are there some negative aspects of the album? Where is a place for a criticism? Hmm, well, this is not so easy, even though I have really tried to discern some of the shortcomings. I have really tried.

Those who know the work of Ishq and expect a continuation of what Matt showed us earlier, certainly will not be disappointed by the album SAMA. As I have written, this album keeps the level and does not drift on some new, experimental trails. It is simply a piece of a healthy dose of the ambient music, which should get even to the most demanding ones. In each track you can see even a Swiss precision, professionalism, attention to every single sound and detail (which characterizes not only this album of Ishq). It is not another album, which we can set on a shelf along with some other records of this species. It is a really unusual and unique portion of excellent sounds, which not only stimulate reflection, but paradoxically give a huge kick and motivate to action. Well done Mr Hillier. Thanks a lot!


9 / 10