Yarn – Inner Expedition

English / Polish version

    Inner Expedition

      1. U.S.M.
      2. Before Rain
      3. Rooms In Mind
      4. Inner Expedition


A Hungarian label, Psylife Records is known to me mainly because of Para Halu, who was once associated with this label. Certainly the label did not become famous for publishing the downtempo productions, which rebounded in the world with the loud echo. It is rather synonymous with the powerful and more energetic sound that we can hear in albums released by Braindrop whether by the aforementioned Para Halu. So when an EP INNER EXPEDITION fell into my hands, I actually had to check whether it really was the same label, but there could be no mistake. Searching the depths of the internet, by chance I came across the information that the Hungarian duo, Yarn is powered by Ferenc Majercsik and Nandor Horvath, whose first album YARNIA appeared in March 2013, and now I can assure you that I will surely come back to it.

Usually, after hearing the first track, you give a preliminary assessment of the entire album – it is just like to try a dish that you have never tried and you do not know what to expect. This dish from the first bite tastes interesting. The gently rocking music, which is definitely not irritating, but does not require too much attention. Oh, such a nice and pleasant playing to the ear. It promises to be interesting.

What can you expect before the rain (which suggests the title), even though after the first sounds we do not know yet whether we have to wait for a warm summer rain, or rather a strong storm, accompanied by a cloudburst. I must admit that the more it rains, the more I like it. The great track that from the very beginning builds the tension masterfully, and also allows you to fly.

Good to know that there are even some rooms. If, like me, you had no idea about their existence, Yarn duo will guide you after each of them. A track which climate is very similar to its predecessor, the rest of the album is maintained in a similar convention. I recommend especially using the good headphones and with the eyes closed. Oh, here happens a lot!

The track finishing the whole album, the title one, INTERNAL EXPEDITION, just like the previous tracks helds an equal, good level. I like the tracks, in which at any time there is just such a vague vocal appearing. It is quite good to listen to it.

Is the album good? Definitely, it is. Will it be one of my 2013 top position, and perhaps of these beads, which I usually estimate with 9 or 10 points? Definitely not. But let my rating does not fool anyone, because it is really great to listen to it. There is no unnecessary boring themes, which the chillout albums very often are accused of, but there are a lot of pleasant sounds that blend into a whole catching our neurons. Check it out!

6.5 / 10