Asura – Life 2

English / Polish version

Asura - Life 2
    Life 2

      1. Golgotha
      2. Back to light
      3. Galaxies part one
      4. Celestial Tendencies
      5. The Prophecy
      6. Five Lines
      7. Life 2
      8. Galaxies part two
      9. Butterfly Fx
      10. La chanson de carla


Ingredients: 0,5kg trance, 200g downtempo, 1kg chill, 1kg ambient.

We take a huge container, throw one kilo of chill and ambient into that and mix it up well until a clenched consistency arises. Then we add two hundred grams of downtempo and a half kilo of trance. We add everything altogether to chill and ambient which have already been mixed earlier. Now only we have to flatten everything into a whole. We add a pinch of some tribal interludes, the endless silence, an ethnic sound and we put it to the oven. After an hour seventeen minutes and thirty seven seconds we receive a finished product. Let us check how Asura LIFE 2 tastes.

Icy, charming, full of energy, emotion – with these words we can describe the simply narrative track which starts this album. GOLGOTHA, because here we exactly talk about it, will take us right in the middle of a great battle; surrounded by an army of soldiers we will stand up to the showdown. A great beginning of the album. It starts slowly but with every second it gets a stronger blow. BACK TO LIGHT, because here we talk about it, is a track full of distinguished melodies, rhythmical beat and surprisingly quickly changing atmosphere. We have met with GALAXIES PART ONE earlier in a compilation called OXYCANTA but this time we have the pleasure to listen to more spatial version of this track which is full of a deep, simply divine atmosphere. The delicate beat, lightly audible vocal in the background allows us to walk freely through the sky. CELESTIAL TENDENCIES is a track based mainly on a strong, liquid blow, implementing the uninterrupted and distinguished atmosphere. THE PROPHECY simply without any beat takes us into a majestic, long, ambient walk. There is a lot of the positive energy here, and everything thanks to the calm and delicate climate which rules in this track. The excellent female vocal matching with some ethnic sounds will let us have a solid rest. FIVE LINES is a gentle and relaxing walk through the ambient sky. The gently pulsating beat gives the track a lot of specific character. The title track LIFE 2 is a dose of the aggressive beat connected with the excellent female voice. A standard battery for our minds. GALAXIES PART TWO is then again a mystical and heavenly journey into the world unknown for us until now. For ten whole minutes we have a chance to see everything what until now has lived only in our imagination. BUTTERFLY FX is a track transferring us to a territory of the beat. A whole range of the positive energy, a polished sound, some occasional ethnic sounds will implement our body into positive vibrations. LA CHANSON DE CARLA will finish our journey. A beautiful melody connected with the wonderful vocal allows to fall in love with this track.

A huge dose of the diversity contained in one small disc. This album is mature and worked out to the perfection. A fantastic journey through some narrative, downtempo, ambient, lightly trance tracks building an excellent atmosphere over and over again. So, how has the new Asura tasted? The taste that rocks my face!!


9 / 10