Yarn – Magic Planet

English / Polish version

Yarn - Magic Planet
    Magic Planet

      01. Ancient Seeds
      02. Hold In Motion
      03. Magic Planet


A Hungarian label Psy Life Music is quite famous on the music market, especially in the music circles with a slightly faster pace, but recently we can listen to its slower side. All thanks to a duo Yarn. Ferenc and Nandor have made their presence felt for the first time in the year 2013, thanks to an album YARNIA, and later it was time for two more EPs. The previous year ended for the Hungarian duo with such achievements. The current year 2014 is as yet only one position, namely the next EP in their discography – MAGIC PLANET.

The latest EP consists of three tracks, which were maintained in a similar style. The initial seconds are the slow untwisting and waiting for the climax, which comes about the middle of each track. What characterizes each track, is keeping it in a quite psychedelic convention, supported by a mesmerizing and vibrating atmosphere. I must admit that the guys can build the tension and anticipation for culmination of the work comes with a great pleasure. Nothing more, nothing less to add. The EP is really great and ideal for the evening chillout at home. I can only see one disadvantage here, even as for the EP, it is too short for me. One, maybe two more tracks would cause that a feeling of dissatisfaction would never come.

Yarn and their MAGIC PLANET in a magical way carry us through their musical fantasies, and without a doubt they absorb our attention at every level. Good that we have the imagination, because we can revel here quite well.

7 / 10