[ Surface Tension ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Slovakia
    WHAT: downtempo
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Under the pseudonym Patra hides Patrik Z., living in Kosice, Slovakia. The music, which he creates can be called dark forest trance. Before at the age of 13 he became familiar with the psytrance music, he loved to play the djembe and liked such genres as: ambient, trance and techno. Fascinated by the productions of artists such as: Parasense, Acid Goblins, Megalopsy, Gappeq, Dohm, Blisargon Demogorgon, Insector, he decided to start his adventure with music production. Initially, using the program called Fruity Loops and next Cubase. In addition to the sound of dark/forest trance he likes other, often more subtle psychedelic trance factions, particularly from labels such as: Avatar Rec, Parvati Rec, Omveda Rec., Yggdrasil Rec, Dragonfly Rec., Zaikadelic Rec, Freaks Rec. The recordings of Trimurthi (as this is an alias behind which Patrik creates his music) can be found on his Soundcloud profile, and in the compilation Butterfly Effect, which can be downloaded for free from the website