[ PsyAlaska ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Valaska/Slovakia
    WHAT: dj, promotor, decorator
    ALBUM: plenty
    PARTY: Chvatimech OA
    LIKE: girls, beer, psytrance, India, ethno, nature, summer
    DISLIKE: war, egoism
    PRIVATELY: Igor Bendik
    E-mail (PsyAlaska)
    E-mail (Igor)
    – Phone: +421949020397

Psygor or rather Igor Bendik is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished figures in the development of psychedelic trance scene in Slovakia. Igor is also one of the founders and ‘managers’ of PsyAlaska Tribe collective (founded in 2001), famous mainly because of the cyclic open air party on the mountain summit called Chvatimech (870 m). Athough Psygor likes the various flavours of the music (not just the psychedelic one) from the beginning he has been focused the most on its chillout varieties. In his sets you can hear almost all kinds of different downtempo music, from deep ambient, through the dark dub, ending on the psybient. But no matter what he plays it always meets with a great enthusiasm of the audience who loves to listen and fly away when Psygor serves his music.

However Psygor is not dealing only with the music. He is a man of many talents, which he develops by dealing with the organization of psyevents and parties, preparing decorations; he is often responsible for the chai shop and engages in promoting the psychedelic culture.