Lars Leonhard – Burning Clouds

English / Polish version

Lars Leonhard - Burning Clouds
    Lars Leonhard
    Burning Clouds

      1. Burning Clouds
      2. Halos
      3. Northern Lights

Lars Leonhard – another important name on a list of artists which are connected with the splendid, French label beginning with „U” letter and at the same time another promising project.

Quite recently, I had the pleasure to get to know the freshest proposal of this producer, i.e. BURNING CLOUDS, the second EP in turn, released in the year 2014 through Ultimae Records – just for the record, with the first EP, STELLA NOVA we could encounter a year ago. I wondered what kind of epithet would describe the music that is created by a composer from the area of ​​Düsseldorf, and I think I found it – for me, this epithet is 'crystalline’. In my opinion, these are the sounds, carefully refined and presented to the audience by the German artist. The tracks, which can be found in the latest EP (BURNING CLOUDS, HALOS, NORTHERN LIGHTS) are a real treat for the ear, it is just something for the connoisseurs of pure sounds, atmospheric music, which is probably best clarifying by Ultimae term 'panoramic’. A gentle bass line, plenty of space to delineate the sounds, the feeling of freedom, limitlessness – it certainly hits us during the listening of BURNING CLOUDS.

As we can read on the official website of the German artist (, his musical career began with the foundation of a punk-rock band, Chaos Digital. Then Lars had the adventure of creating the soundtracks for some documentaries and television jingles, in the year 2005 he was a part of the artistic side of the German pavilion at the EXPO in Japan. In his discography, which runs through the tracks in a climate of ambient, dub-techno, deep-house, we find two albums released through the label BineMusic (1549 and SEASONS – LES QUATRE SAISONS), the track SLOW MOTION – the third track in order in the compilation OXYCANTA III, curated by Mahiane, and the aforementioned EPs, STELLA NOVA and BURNING CLOUDS. I do not want to say something which could sound like a prophecy, but during a couple of years since exactly I have listened to the music provided by the French Ultimae, I am accompanied by a feeling that this is the sound that fits directly in the atmosphere of the universe, the cosmos, something heavenly, intangible, transferred only in the stories of scientists and experts in the subject of space. It was a great surprise for me when I learned that The American Space Agency, NASA has used the music of Lars as a background to their films featuring scenes from the scientific discoveries they make. I urge you strongly to trace the NASA films with music by Lars in the background (although for me his music is at the front) under the link: click. For me it is just something incredible! The beauty in a pure form… A proof of how great is the connection between art and nature, and how brilliantly they correspond with each other.

8 / 10