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Sun, Love, Peace and Chillout…

Welcome to Ashoka Records. Ashoka Records is a label releasing a wide spectrum of psychedelic chillout music such as: organic, psybient, psychedelic dub, IDM, ambient, ethnic and world music. The label was founded by the members of Ashoka collective in 2010 in Poland, but the first full-length album ‘Forest in Peace’ by Swen (dzoncy) Srt00p was released in June 2012, and became the first psychedelic downtempo album licensed and released in Poland.

So what is the main aim of Ashoka Records musical revelation? We would like to spread and share all what is connected with psychedelic downtempo music, tripping through the realms of ambient, dubby baseline, chill out, ethnic tunes, shimmering melodies and shamanic atmospheres. And what makes us different from other? We are the first and only (so far) label that promotes softer varieties of psychedelic music in Poland, and listening to our debut CD is easy to notice that we have a very unique and recognizable style which will be definitely confirm into our further production, so 'Tune in, turn on, and drop out’.

Forest in Peace - Swen (dzoncy) Srt00p
    Forest in Peace
    Swen (dzoncy) Srt00p

      1. Brainsplitting
      2. Forest In Peace
      3. Psychocybine (Hubba Hubba)
      4. Shortvolution
      5. Pog Mo Thoin
      6. Are You Gonna Kill Yourself?
      7. Cromm Cruach
      8. Dybuk Song
      9. Thauron

Ashoka Records proudly presents Forest in Peace – the new Swen (Dzoncy) strOOp full-length essential album for psychedelic chillout explorations! The album is a unique trip into the higher states of your consciousness (and subconsciousness as well). Forest in Peace is an unforgettable journey into deep spacey ambient, floating soundscapes, organic and ethno tunes with lazy beats, dubby bass lines, shimmering melodies and shamanic atmospheres that is perfect for both dancing and chilling. Are you ready to come closer to the door of perception? We hope you are, so just open the gate and come into…
Sun, Love, Peace and Chillout…
Release date: June/July 2012

You can buy this album here:
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