Ren Toudu ‎– Intangible

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Ren Toudu ‎– Intangible
    Ren Toudu

      1. We Are The Visitors
      2. Night Of The Lampyridae
      3. Healing Process
      4. Underneath The Bodhi Tree
      5. Untangling Waves


I am a little defiant person, so when I once have heard from a friend that INTANGIBLE is an album, in which 'nothing happens’, I decided to check it empirically. My opinion after listening to this album was quite opposite. Well, maybe I start from saying that the album certainly is not an easy, light and pleasant one, it requires from a recipient the considerable commitment and dedication of total attention to it. So if anyone of you would enjoy it as a turn filling the silence, for example when reading a book, then I immediately warn you, that it will not work. Already as a standard in such cases, I recommend you to save an hour, go somewhere out, find a comfortable place where no one and nothing will be able to prevent you to a travel, to which undoubtedly will take you Ren Toudu, to put on headphones and press the 'play’ button in the player. And of course, grab something hard, because it sways a little bit at the start…

Starting from the title, because probably it is not accidental, which loosely translated means, not less, not more the imponderables and with all the responsibility that I take on my shoulders (after listening to this album), I conclude that it is hit to the heart. The contents of the album not only expresses what is intangible and elusive, but (at least in my case) causes the protruding eyes and a significant drop of a jaw. Probably I do not need to deny, how misplaced was to determine that 'nothing happens’ in this album, because I assure you that it is not only contrary, but there sometimes happens too much. Certainly it is not the conventional album, like many others, which by using its euphoric inserts melts us and spreads into prime factors, it is something completely different than that to which we have recently managed to get used to. The tracks are long (lasting about twenty minutes), complex, deep and very hypnotic. Seeking here some sentimental and luscious to the limit track is vain, they were replaced with endless patches of sound, which in an effusive way link together into one powerful whole. The assimilation with the sounds of nature, which the album is steeped in (you only need to listen to it well), further enhances the experience, when you listen to it in an open space, paralyzing staring at the moving clouds in the sky. Probably it really is not even music, it is a kind of a performance art, in which sound plays a major role, and some visions passing before our eyes are formed only by the power of our mind. Numerously occuring CEV effects combined with associatively successive couplings, ideally mix with 'some sound spots’ presented by Ren Toudu.

One must be very brave to make this kind of album – brave, because probably it will not ever reach Gold or Platinum Titer Plate. It is also far from the mainstream or even from what is commonly referred to as underground. INTANGIBLE is a kind of ritual, test whether we are ready… You will ask, for what? After listening to this album you will know the answer to this question…

9 / 10