Seamoon – A Twisted Downbeat Adventure

English / Polish version

Seamoon - A Twisted Downbeat Adventure
    A Twisted Downbeat Adventure

      1. Outbackfrogz
      2. Purple Juice
      3. Tricky Transients
      4. Pink Elephants
      5. Chill Spice


Seamoon and the EP – A TWISTED DOWNBEAT ADVENTURE is the next achievement of the Chillbasement label after releasing an album called MONOLITH (Lauga & Baba Gnohm). The EP does not cost anything and it is available in the electronic version through the Chillbase portal. After the undoubted success of their first child probably it is worth looking at what they have to present in the second half.

Seamoon is the solo project of Simon Neumann, a young and very talented musician who was born in southern Germany. His adventure with the music has started very early, at the age of 10 (when he began playing the drums). Over the next four years he was involved in a jazz trio, even though his musical views were running in a slightly different direction. Initially hip-hop, then dub and downtempo began to occupy his attention increasingly. In 2005 finally he switched to producing and composing psychedelic trance and chillout music. In 2010 came a release of Simon’s first free EP titled: A TWISTED DOWNBEAT ADVENTURE. This album is full of psychedelic. Some broken sounds, the hooting of an owl, the frogs’ croaking, the sound of the forest, some goblins marauding in the background, the roar of fern leaf – all this and much more you can hear choosing the listening of the Seamoon album. When I first heard this CD, to my mind came the immortal legends of the psychill like: Shpongle, The Infinity Project and The Mystery Of Yeti, because the album (I will hazard a statement) is not so different than they.

The first track – OUTBACKFROGZ is maintained in a sour-psychedelic atmosphere. A sober and monotonous beat leads us through the jungle, which sparkles with all shades of green, but the theme of this journey is not an overwhelming jungle and its hidden secrets, but a blunt and penetrating sound of a frog’s croaking. A very interesting, energy giving and a very positive start of the EP. The track number two PURPLE JUICE like its predecessor is maintained in a mysterious and slightly mystical atmosphere. From all sides come to us reverbs of an unknown origin, and we blend into one of those grunts and sail in the atmosphere which is soothing the soul. Everything is sprinkled with the protracted beat, a soft echo and some bent sounds. The track called TRICKY TRANSIENTS repeats slightly what was before. So again we have a wide range of acidic and mystical sounds, but this time with a small mix of some ethnic insets. The beginning is a bit more subdued, quieter and thus we wait for something that does not want to happen. But everything is changing around the mid-track and from the tranquility we go to a very deep and full of impressions trip around the ‘tricky’ world. Four – PINK ELEPHANTS – it starts wheezing heavily, then it is calmer but also bubbling and all these things are made just to finally wait for the next, maundering, writhing and acidulated atmosphere poured with a light touch of a sweetness. But all this together is too similar to each other and merges into one, huge, unidentified spot. In the end there is CHILL SPICE and as the title indicates the track was flavoured with a large dose of chill; a half tablespoon of dub was added and it was drizzled with ambient. The track does not stand out with anything new, but on the other hand it is not a boring one.

To sum up the whole I could just say that it is good. Perhaps the tracks are a little too similar to each other, but there is something for everyone in these five good and sometimes very good tracks. Let it be more such EPs from Chillbase.

7 / 10