Akasha – Into The Web

English / Polish version

Akasha - Into The Web
    Into The Web

      1. Into the Web
      2. Blow Pipe
      3. Out Back
      4. Sillypsybin
      5. Smoke Signals
      6. From the Other Side
      7. One Drop
      8. Solar Salutation


Akasha is a term derived from the Sanskrit language, which in free translation means the basis and the construction essence of all things in the material world; the smallest, material element created from the matter of the astral world. This term is also know in the Buddhist philosophy, where it means the void. Akasha is also a psydub project powered by Shane Harris and Babak Rezyani, which the freshest album, INTO THE WEB I want to present a little bit closer today.

As the intro we meet the title stunner, which begins with some esoteric and significant vocal of an old wise man-mentor. If there still are such people, who have some problems with distinguishing psydub from its classic form, I think that this track and also the whole album can be a textbook instruction for them.


Blow pipe, known also as a blow gun was used mainly for some hunting in the countries of South America – a curare poisoned arrow was put in a bamboo pipe. Indeed, I think I understand why the author decided to name this track using this title, you can really feel like being in the Amazon jungle during a visit at the Suruaha tribe.

Just like two previous tracks also this one is maintained in an ethnic and oriental convention, and additionally it is covered with a lot of heavy psychedelic sounds, which definitely come to the foreground. For sure it is not one of the typical chillout tracks, by which you could airily fall asleep on a sofa and it rather requires from the listener the full involvement in the sequences of the track. Oh, there is so much going on there.


An intended, temporary retardation allows the listener to fall in an ephemeral, elusive lethargy and rest for a while from drilling into our subconsciousness, heavy psychedelic sounds, which are a lot of in this album. The interesting, a little bit calmer track, by which the guys from the Akasha project try to let the listener rest for a while just to hit with a doubled strenght in a moment.

And again, we have a reference to the overseas cultures. The track pulsates steadily and actually evokes associations with smoky characters sent by the Indians, which we know from the books of the wild west. The non-verbal communication is interrupted from time to time with a sentence: 'Everything is spiritual’ or other less intelligible words, which probably utters the chief of the tribe.

The track despite its eloquent title, FROM THE OTHER SIDE is maintained in exactly the same style as its predecessors. But I can not say that I am bored with this kind of style, and I would expect something new, absolutely not. The more I listen to it, the more I want it more and more.

Of course, here some already hackneyed dub motifs still take precedence over all the other sounds trying to break into force. The background music also can be felt, especially when you listen to the electronics which is so curiously enriched with all the other vibrating stuff. It is the typical sunny and beachy track.

As an epilogue we worship the sun and say goodbye to the tour, which was prepared for us by Shane Harris and Babak Rezvani from Akasha. The subtly rocking, joyous starter, heralding the end of the album can also fall to taste. With the rest of the album as well.

As a summary I will write a few words about the whole. I think that the album can only be assessed in two ways: either very high or very low. It may accrue to our taste and arouse our admiration, or we can say that still the same style irritates us and also the distinctive, common denominator linking and possible to notice in every track. Akasha put everything on one card and definitely the album INTO THE WEB is not rich in stylistic swings. I personally liked it because of that with a full responsibility I can give it the seven score, and whether your assessment will be similar… I do not know, but you will not be able to bet it until you listen to those eight tracks.

7 / 10