Quanta – Dream Before You Sleep

English / Polish version

Quanta - Dream Before You Sleep
    Dream Before You Sleep

      1. Realms Of Mind
      2. Center Of The Lamp (Somatoast Remix)
      3. Psywamp
      4. Nature Of Reality


Just before Christmas, because on 20th of December, I have received a gift from a label called Shanti Planti in the form of an EP, DREAM BEFORE YOU SLEEP, for which creation is responsible an artist with a fairly recognizable alias: Quanta. Of course, Quanta project was previously known to me through music issued for a different label, I mean Enig’matik Records. The EP described by me, contains only four tracks that oscillate rather around broadly defined psydub, with elements of glitch which lately is so fashionable. Moreover, here we can also find some rhythms coming from the distant East, which in combination with the previously mentioned species, form an interesting whole to our ear.

I will not describe each track separately, as often is my habit, and I will not do it for at least a couple of reasons. The tracks are maintained rather in a similar style – sunny, lazy, summer, swinging dub to which we are used to, thanks to Ott’s productions, topped with some glitch backgrounds may especially appeal to this part of audience, which got bored with a stamp and hackneyed psybient. As a musical conservative, I must admit, that I have mixed feelings and this stuff did not really convince me, although I admit with a hand on my heart, that I have listened to it at least a dozen of times. There were moments that really made me enchanted and gave a blissful smile to my face, but there were also those which simply annoyed me and compelled to change the track to another one. It is a pity that the DREAM BEFORE YOU SLEEP contains only four tracks, because it is not enough for me to clearly determine whether the project Quanta is worth taking a closer look.

The album, although it has appeared in the last days of the year 2013, certainly did not score in my personal ranking under the name: 'Album of the year’. Surely, you can not deny that you can find there a bunch of so-called good passages, while listening to which, the album’s title (DREAM BEFORE YOU SLEEP) makes sense. The whole of it does not really move me, and perhaps requires a bit of refinement, on which, I admit, I really count concerning the fact of the full album future release.

6.5 / 10