Entheogenic – Enthymesis

English / Polish version

Entheogenic - Enthymesis

      1. Enthymesis
      2. Spinning Elementary Matter


Entheogenic, about this British-Austrian duo we could dwell on a dozen pages or so, presenting its beginnings, exchange its successes, focus on long-term cooperation, comparing to the previously released albums, but I think, or even I am convinced that rolling and repeating this topic in its case would simply be unnecessary. For each of us, psychill listeners the formation Entheogenic sounds familiar and we know what to expect from every upcoming, brand new album. The best in this knowledge is a fact that we can blindly trust it, and our senses in any way will not be disappointed. This time, the gentlemen Glavar and Oar-Rhind give us a foretaste of the fresh album through a small prelude entitled ENTHYMESIS. The prelude, which contains only two tracks – the titled ENTHYMESIS and SPINNING ELEMENTARY MATTER lasting few minutes.

The titled ENTHYMESIS is a flagship production from the hands of the guys from Entheogenic. The crystal clear, organic sounds seep into our mind from the very beginning of the track, and so for the next nine minutes they vibrate, twist and twirl in our head. While listening to this track, all sorts of associations come to the mind, once we are in the heavenly skies, then suddenly we can find ourselves in the lush green glade, from which in the blink of an eye we are taken away in an imaginary world, just like in the best science fiction film. Another association, which rises from the very beginning, is that we are in the Shpongle world of Simon and Raja Ram. Say what you like, but you have to admit that ENTHYMESIS closely resembles the most brilliant productions of the project Shpongle. The second track, which lasts more than sixteen minutes, is a journey through the best that can be found in psybient music. By acidic, slightly psytrance sounds we pass through the waves of soft downtempo, ending with juicy, ambient spots. In the track SPINNING ELEMENTARY MATTER we have the best that we could expect – the freedom, saturation, relaxation, elevation to the heights and so the list goes on forever, and probably all of us will find there something different, better, greater, something that will make us feel very special.

It will be short, as a prelude befits. The next album will probably be a real treat for all of the psyfans. Entheogenic rocked, rocks and will rock on and on.

8 / 10