Abakus – That Much Closer To The Sun

English / Polish version

Abakus - That much closer to the sun
    That Much Closer To The Sun

      1. Igamatik
      2. Shared Light
      3. Highwalker
      4. Circles
      5. Magenta
      6. A whole new way of looking at the day
      7. Indu
      8. California Sunshine
      9. Lux Boutique
      10. Last Summer Dub
      11. That Much closer


There are no every cheat: the summer is over. But there is a way to keep it for a long time: just expound on the meadow bathed in last rays of summer sun, fire up a stereo and listen to the sounds which serves us Abakus. Remember this name because soon you will cry it out in ecstasy (knowingly let the eye). This album has something of a carefree atmosphere of the summer, from childhood spent in catching butterflies and dabbling in the mud made by yourself; with nothing undisturbed, idyllic climate of your own universe to which no adult has access.
Subtle vocals, soft beats lined oils reminiscences of warm summer days which, although they soon will be absorbed by the Bad Winter they give a strange sense of lightness and even safety. They allow you to forget about all that is outside the interior of your own head, where thoughts can now circulate in slow motion.
It would be hard to identify one and only number one, the first before all because for me it is the album which is maintained on one (indeed very high) level. I like all of its tracks because they remind me that even though summer is slowly running out, it will come back again.
And we will be again much closer to the sun.

7 / 10
Beata Brzoza