Merkaba – Galactic Ohm

English / Polish version

Merkaba - Galactic Ohm
    Galactic Ohm

      1. Galactic Ohm
      2. Heart Math


Once again Merkaba surprises us and the project makes it well enough that I feel a great hunger that the reviewed by me album, GALACTIC OHM contains only two tracks. Exactly one year ago, it came to me to deal with their second album, released not as its predecessor by Zenon Reords, but by Merkaba Music – LANGUAGE OF LIGHT. Also a year ago I decided to write a review of this album. As I recall, the album did not move me then very particularly, what caused quite a stir among the group of my closest friends, who could not believe my words – in their opinion, the album did not only give a breath of fresh spirit, but it turned out to be a great event on the record market. A little bit of defiance, and a little under the influence of pressure I decided to give it yet another chance, then the third, fourth and thirty-seventh. With each next listening I have been convinced to this album more and more, and finally I admitted they were right. It is not an average one for sure. As you know, only the cow does not change its opinion, so I can write with the full responsibility that the Australian project, Merkaba is a true gem.

Some time ago, their recent EP, GALACTIC OHM fell into my hands, and literally my jaw just dropped. As I mentioned, while describing their previous album, this is not a typical downtempo project whose reviews appear on our website. But I think that probably no one would get angry if the tracks from the EP reviewed by me could be heard in a chillroom. It is really nice to listen to it. This EP can really 'absorb’ us, while listening to it, one has the impression of detachment from the real world, experiencing a surreal journey – through the land of surreal, often abstract sounds and images, which are drawn in our imagination when the eyes are closed. An eclectic album coloration by using the species widely beyond the boundaries of psychill even pulls us, receivers from the everyday hustle and bustle, routines, thereby taking all our attention, and yet we have a feeling that we missed a lot, that not all we were able to hear and we just want more. If you are looking for the album with a protruding tag with the word 'psychedelic’ – you hit perfectly. It really happens a lot in here.

As I have stated above, I beat myself in my chest in a gesture of appreciation for this project and I am glad that I have managed to convince myself to the sounds of the Australian. The EP, GALACTIC OHM is deep, thoughtful, protruding from the current trends in the music. If you want to walk along 'the black trail’ for more impelled ones, this EP is the position of a sort: MUST LISTEN TO!

9 / 10