Space Element

(Warsaw) English / Polish version

Space Element
    WHERE: Warsaw
    WHAT: Space Element
    ALBUM: plenty
    PARTY: too many
    LIKE: psychedelic trance
    PRIVATELY: Michał
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Michał Dabrowski was born in 1978 in Warsaw. He attended to musical school as he was 7 and finished the first grade (6 years) in 1990, playing piano. After that he started to learn how to play on electric guitar, because heavy metal had big influence on him. He was very interested in computers and after fiew years he decided to start making music using his computer Amiga 500. The style was in range from symphonic to electronic sound. In 1996 Michał heard for the first time psychedelic trance. Since then, that music took always a major part in his interests and the way of thinking. The outcome of all this is his music he started to make in 1998 as Space Element. Thanks to Toga Dansverg project, Michał decided to try his skills and hear the reaction of the public playing his first psychedelic trance live act on a party called ‘Polisz Psykick’ (Lick/Polish the Psykick) on April 09th 2005 in GGOG club in Gdansk. It was a gathering of a new wave of young polish psychedelic trance artists (Artha, Injection, Remote Access, Tracer, Magnatec). Since then he spent more time learning the fundamentals of music making and gained experience with his friend Przemek Ziolkowski (MAGNATEC). Together they form since 2006 a project named Stellar Magnitude. The style of Michał’s music is goa-twisted psychedelic, cosmic sounds with elements of modern psytrance (fullon). Of course when he plays in chillroom his music is much more slower, soft and calm.