[ DJ ]English / Polish version

    WHERE: Rybnik
    WHAT: music
    ALBUM: Are You Shpongled?
    PARTY: Samothraki
    LIKE: mushroom soup
    DISLIKE: warm beer

He is linked with psychedelic trance music since 1998,
mainly due to the cult magazine 'Plastic’ and a track 'Disco Galaxy’.
He is associated with the collective Psylesia since 2004,
despite the fact that he has played as a dj at some trance events much earlier.
For several years he is in love with softer forms of psychedelic trance.

In the collective Ashoka he is responsible for the musical part of the events.
Soothing, gentle, hypnotic sounds, causing chills on the back –
that is the label for the music he serves, which allows an exploration
of the most remote states of consciousness.