Bluetech – The Divine Invasion

English / Polish version

Bluetech - The Divine Invasion
    The Divine Invasion

      1. Finding The Future By Looking Backwards
      2. Lost In An Imagined Labyrinth
      3. Probability Tree
      4. Rite Of The Dragonfly
      5. Swimming In A feverdream
      6. Holding Space
      7. Honey In The Heart
      8. The Light (Bluetech rmx)
      9. Living Time
      10. A Golden Ratio Sings


On 20th April 2009 on a music scene came a third album in the achievements of an American producer Bluetech with a divine-sounding title – THE DIVINE INVASION. Evan Marc Bartholomew has reached a unique, distinctive style by combining psychedelia, IDM, and by experimenting and conducting an open operation on the music. Listening to his tracks, one has the impression that he is improvising all the time, but all of his improvisation is a result of a previously-thought strategy. The music of Bluetech is an electronic interpretation of the nature sounds, which are processed through a modern technology. Unfortunately this is not my favourite way to interpret the world, but I think that after all it deserves an attention. According to information from the cover of the disc we know, what styles of music we can come up during a trip through THE DIVINE INVASION – there should appear downtempo electronica, ambient, IDM, dub, chillout, psychill and little-known term PsyDM, an abbreviation of the word psytelligent dance music. In addition, Evan says on his website that this album features also the digital funk, spacehop and techdub. We must admit that the range of the musical species, for which dates Bluetech, is huge and gives a large field of possibilities. What deserves more attention, is an unusual cover perfectly complements the title of the whole album – THE DIVINE INVASION. Beautiful graphics recalls the spiritual space, world of ancestors and divine presence. The cover shows the divine breath, very colourful visions caused by taking some entheogens that unite the human with the divine world and bring into a state of trance and dancing craziness. I wonder whether the music of THE DIVINE INVASION fluctuates around this subject and I can feel some parts of the divine world in it? I absolutely must check it out!

The album begins with the track entitled FINDING THE FUTURE BY LOOKING BACKWARDS. This is a very interesting introduction, immediately is noticeable a Bluetech’s style, which can not be confused with any other. Evan plays with the title, he is a little perverse, because how to find the future by looking backwards? Probably only Bluetech can do that. The next track of the third album in the producer’s output is LOST IN AN IMAGINED LABYRINTH. Unfortunately, there are few sounds here, which I do not like. I am getting lost in this labyrinth a little bit, I do not know which output to choose and I feel uncomfortable, in addition from time to time I can hear an ominous rumble of an owl. Fortunately, after the second minute of the track I stop being afraid, and from the fourth minute I begin to understand where did this and not another title come from – a listener feels lost in the imagined labyrinth, because a lot is happening here, the mood, tempo and sounds change, a person loses himself in the music, which draws him like a vortex. I feel like Alice sucked into the Wonderland – here the world is abstract, twisted, bizarre and not entirely understood. The third track, PROBABILITY TREE caresses my ear. From the first sounds I feel that it will be something that will give me an amazing portion of impressions and will put me in the mood, which I have not experienced for ages… It develops gently and gradually reaches the level of sounds that suit me… It is psychedelic-spinning but also spatial and swaying. One feels quite like he was walking among the stars. RITE OF THE DRAGONFLY – what might be a rite of the dragonfly? I love these creatures, whenever I get a chance to see some, I admire their strength contained in the delicacy and beauty… Often, when I am watching a dragonfly, I have an impression that it carries a soul of a man who is trying to get some attention – dragonflies like flying next to people, in some way wanting to refer someone’s notice to themselves… They are provocative not in a pushy way, and so it is in the case of this track – Bluetech plays with us, but he does it gently, without drilling holes in the abdomen. He turns up the atmosphere by using some unprecedented ever sounds that reach somewhere far into our ear by some channels. Now it is time for SWIMMING IN A FEVERDREAM. In this track, happens the same as in a high fever – we have some hallucinations, we loom, our sleep is not restful. The title perfectly reflects our feelings – we do not swim in the water, but in some strange substance that sticks to our body and boggles in our head. It is a little too weird here. The music straight from a peculiar music box which is extremely tiring, starts to annoy me. In the track HOLDING SPACE Bluetech tempers himself a little, he chills for a moment, slows down the tempo, but for how long? He makes less invasive operations on our hearing, tries to ‘hold the space’ so long as it is within his capabilities. I melt pleasantly and I wonder myself, because typically I am not convinced to such sounds. HONEY IN THE HEART – will honey flood our hearts? Let’s see! As for me, it is quite fine, but there are no revelations. The title honey did not pour my heart as intended. Maybe I am too picky, or I am allergic to honey? Something does not fit me here, it is not my story. It is time for a remix of THE LIGHT performed by Ace Ventura and Lish. Unfortunately, I am indifferent to the sounds that appear in this track. I feel like the Snow Queen – I do not feel any emotion, only the indifference. I do not know what is going on, but the next track EVEN THE STONES SING is even worse. I guess it would be better if the stones did not sing, because they terribly falsify here. In this case, I think that the nature has assigned the roles very good to various beings and elements of the world, taking the stones the ability to sing. As for me, it is the worst track of this album, and unfortunately from the first sounds I am waiting for its termination. How nice that there has appeared the Bluetech and Mirror System remix under the title LIVING TIME. Anew I have regained the feeling in my soul and body. At last, it is something that breaks often appearing buzzing and glitch inserts. Beautiful remix, the ears are going crazy thanks to its sounds. We can sense the spirit of Bluetech, covered with a freshness of Mirror System. It is different, interesting, every now and then there is woven an electric and acoustic guitar, adding some spice to an entire musical dish. This track has something in itself. The last track is a remix of Bluetech and Eitan Reiter – A GOLDEN RATIO SINGS. I can feel a little bit of a big city climate in it. I imagine that I walk through the streets of New York at night, when the city lights interact with the brightness of stars and the moon, and the man walking on its paths, feels lost in the space of the metropolis. And when the cold rain starts to fall, and its drops make a specific sound, hitting the roofs of buildings and streets, he feels even more overwhelmed, because he does not know which road could lead him home.

Summing up the whole album of Bluetech called THE DIVINE INVASION, I am sad to write that it did not meet my expectations. It did not give me what I have expected, seeing the encouraging cover; it did not give me so much pleasure as I needed to the complete satisfaction. Maybe my expectations were too high and it is my mistake that I suggest what I see on the cover, instead of first listening, then looking at? Very likely that it was my mistake, but is it not so in the case of some great psychill artists that the appetite grows with eating?

6 / 10