Eguana – The Martyr

English / Polish version

Eguana - The Martyr
    The Martyr

      1. The Martyr (Castigation)
      2. The Martyr (Forgiveness)


Eguana is another alias of Sergey Severin, who, although he has already released several albums for various labels, in the year 2014 for the first time he has released his first official EP entitled THE MARTYR, under the wings of a Greek label, Cosmicleaf Records.

This EP is not especially extensive, because it contains only two different arrangements of a single, title track THE MARTYR. The first track opening the album has a subtitle, CASTIGATION and it is maintained in a decidedly darker, somber and even misanthropic mood in relation to its successor. The vocal appearing from time to time only reinforces my belief that the track is filled with awe, and unfortunately it is a bit dolorous. I can feel hera a lack of something that would give me a reason that I would like to go back to it and listen to it again. It is rather track of those tracks that will be left unnoticed in the depths of the Internet and in the record collection.The second consecutive track, was somewhat ceremoniously named FORGIVENESS and despite the fact that it brings to my mind an association to a rather cheap romantic comedy, in fact, it is the one that saves the honour of this EP. It’s aura is definitely the one that is closer to my taste – the aura, which preferably affects my evaluation, although in my assessment there still a lot of things to be desired.

The whole is maintained in a very quiet, gentle and ambient climate, but although I can safely name myself a big fan of this genre, something is missing here. I had the opportunity to listen to this EP twice, but I think it is enough and probably I will not do it again soon. Of course, it’s just my subjective opinion, therefore, I urge to confront my comment with your feedback.

4 / 10