Sephira – Imagination In Motion

English / Polish version

Sephira – Imagination In Motion
    Imagination In Motion

      1. Where’s My Map?
      2. Learning To Walk
      3. More Than Human
      4. Memory Access
      5. Life Changes
      6. Destiny
      7. Lost Vegas
      8. The Beginning Of The End
      9. Shamans Lullaby

Good albums are rare. We often spend a lot of money (I still believe that at least some people are doing this) on the albums that appear to be bad, average at best. Therefore, the greater the joy is when into your hands falls a really good chillout album. And what would you say if there was a good chillout album available for free? Does it sound interesting? If so, then I recommend the album released by Merkaba Records, and made available for free on a portal called Ektoplasm – IMAGINATION IN MOTION, made by an artist having (let us face it) an unknown alias Sephira. At once I will mark that although the artist may not be the most recognizable to the psy scene, but it deserves to give it some time. I guarantee that you will not regret this time.
A whole forms a single, cohesive narrative, kept in a style of downtempo mixed with the progressive playing of the highest quality, in which there is a lack of so-called weaker moments. From the first to the last beat a listener becomes absorbed and enchanted by an avalanche and a fusion of even the most sophisticated sounds that you can (or even not) only imagine. Oh, a lot of things are going on here! There is no stereotyped, usual, cliched schemes which unfortunately take place in our collections of CDs more often. There is also the lack of space for the boredom, vagueness or secondariness common recently. You absorb the album using one breath and certainly it will remain long in our consciousness.

While listening to this album, something reminded me why more and more often I go away from the psychedelic trance (I mean only some new productions) for this kind of music, where the rate drops much below 130 beats per minute. It is only here where I can find what in my opinion can be called the psychedelic music. Here I find the sound and tone that prevails over an exaggerated beat, which I think recently has become the most important thing in the previously mentioned genre of music. Here it is a lot nicer. The content rules over the form. The quality over the beat. And this is what I am looking for in the music, and only in this I can find myself.

In summary. Definitely this is one of the most interesting items, which have appeared on the portal Ektoplasm this year. Rummaging a little bit in the internet, you may come across different opinions concerning this album. Some people write that it is a real revelation, innovation and uncommonness, others that it has little to do with chillout, and the whole is too candy. It is known that ‘every village, is another song’ but after the first listening I was able to convince myself to IMAGINATION IN MOTION, and how it really is and under which comments you can sign yourself, it appears only after listening which I strongly recommend you. The album is completely for free, so actually you do not risk anything here, right?


7 / 10