Kepa Yew

[ Prima-Materia ] English / Polish version

Kepa Yew
    WHERE: Prima-materia
    WHAT: avant-garde
    ALBUM: glimmer
    PARTY: 'Dni Nowej Muzyki’
    LIKE: Siberia, Monamour
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His life and work – a man struggling with the whole of society as well as with himself. Once a romantic, now visionary with a pragmatist soul full of options. Carefully analyzing the drastic difference between ambition and a sense of harm, accidentally became the owner of T60p, using it as a tool in his job.
In his spare time he works on musical programs because he is inspired by experimental music, modern classical, folk and deep techno. He attains the status of dj and improviser. He is responsible for a live programme „Prima-Matter” at the Polish Academic Broadcasting – „”.
He collaborated with the future sound directors, drank vodka with lecturers of the Music Academy. And as his life motto he quotes his favourite Igor Stawinski, who said one day: „Only small artists emit the great one steal. ”