Cosmik Chill Yellow

English / Polish version

Cosmik Chill Yellow
    Cosmik Chill Yellow

      1. Listen To Your Inner Voices
      2. My Life Is For You
      3. Underdoze
      4. Bencalado
      5. Soundscape Odyssey
      6. Revelation 999
      7. Resin (Overspring Edit)
      AES DANA
      8. Red Flower
      9. Spiral


We are not humans having spiritual experiences we are spiritual beings having human experiences.

COSMIK CHILL is now a trilogy. After ORANGE and RED there came the turn to the third compilation of the series, this time titled YELLOW. Five long years have passed and I must admit that I was hoping for another edition of this excellent compilation some time ago, but to my pleasant surprise, at the end of 2012 the French label Electrik Dream, of which the owner and manager is the well-known and well-liked Tajmahal, has released the compilation long-awaited by many listeners, which is the third in the series of COSMIK CHILL. I want to add that in this series four more albums will be released. Why there will be seven of them, and why will they be marked with a different colour? Well, not only because of the colours of chakras and the rainbow which for sure are also a great inspiration to release 'the colourful series’. There is another reason – there are also seven major sounds in the musical scale. So, we have a lot of reasons, but let us get to the point, that is to the things which were included in the compilation.

Ha! First of all the aliases such headliners of the scene as: Aes Dana, Tripswitch, Hol Baumann and Kliment leave no illusions that the album could be an average one. When you include such names on the back cover, without listening to it you can say that the album has to be good and I do not want to keep you in suspense longer, so I write immediately without any hesitation, that it is very good. At this point, I can also assure you that I have made the assessment after listening to the album few times, and by no means I lean on my notes on placebo, about which I mentioned a few lines above.

The yellow compilation begins Disham with his track, which is actually perfect for the intro. A warm, female vocal urges us to follow our inner voice, listen to it and cross the border, passing through the gate. How many times we have heard about it, and every time it causes other associations, but arousing the same emotions. The next two tracks, I mean the track of the Israeli called Moshic and a duet of I Awake and Planet Boelex, are maintained in the delicate convention with very clearly outlined melody. One may even be tempted to say that the tracks are too showy or even affected, but I assure you that taking into account a whole and the fact that they have been positioned as the second and the third on our list, they ideally build the climate and bring to the next tracks. Zen Baboon, Kliment and Uasca present the tracks of a more outlined rate at which you can not only chill out but also rock a little bit. They are ideal as an analeptic means, which can hardly be overdosed. Personally, I like this kind of atmosphere, me gusta. For a dessert (probably it is not a coincidence that these gentlemen were situated on the final positions) we get RESIN by Aes Dana, which (I will not hide) is my favourite track of the album PERIMETERS and also the tracks: RED FLOWER and SPIRAL, which do not only make the gravity is felt with a much lesser extent, but they are also the essence of COSMIK CHILL YELLOW described by me.

Tajmahal, although he forced us to wait for the yellow edition really long time, it must be admitted that he rose to the occasion and satisfied the tastes of the waiting listeners (I think only about myself, but I feel you will have the same opinion after listening to it). All three parts of the compilations issued by Electrik Dream I rate very highly, because there are no random tracks, or so-called tracks just to clog the whole album. Everything seems to be thought out and buttoned the last button. I look forward to the other four albums.

8 / 10