English / Polish version


      1. Peaceful Heart
      2. Moonflower
      3. Unity
      4. Dziva
      5. Lost Knowledge
      6. Serankua
      7. Le Souffle Du Vent
      8. Solar Cycle 24
      9. A Touch By Wind


DJ Zen spoils us again. This time, after the brilliant compilations of the 'elements’ series (AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH, ETHER, 6TH ELEMENT), Altar Records on the 1st of June 2013 releases its latest production – a compilation SPRING, which launches a new series related to the seasons of the year. In the plans for the coming years, the label has the following parts: SUMMER (2014), AUTUMN (2015) and WINTER (2016) and at once I can warn you – if further compilations are as good as SPRING, I can now rub my hands with impatience and wonder what else could DJ Zen do to surprise us in the future. I think I can safely say that DJ Zen for Altar Records is the same as Vincent Villuis for Ultimae Records and I do not mean only the obvious fact that they are the founders of the labels, but rather that they are musical geniuses and are characterized by an enormous sense in creating a specific climate, which only describe the Canadian and French label.

Nearly 70 minutes of the compilation SPRING are created by the tracks of the genres such as: downtempo, chillgressive, psytrance, which pace ranges from 85 up to 125 bpm, and which were supposed to give warmth, energy and climate, which has only one month during a year – May. About this beautiful month tells not only the music of this compilation, but also the album cover – some dragonflies, a meadow with lush green grass, some dandelions, a secret garden, a gate covered with white roses. This compilation is just seething with spring, smells with all its scents, appears with all its colours. I have already listened to SPRING a couple of times and everytime I received the same intensive feeling, especially literally in my head has just drilled the track PEACEFUL HEART, which opens a whole and SERANKUA. The presence of such artists as: Reasonandu, Adrian Enescu (a former member of the famous Enigma project), Dense, Suduaya, AstroPilot, Cabeiri, Lab’s Cloud, Akshan and Asura speaks for itself. The projects named Sangeet and Spacenode unknown to me untill now have greatly crowned the compilation of DJ Zen.

Each season of the year has something interesting in itself, but only spring stands out from the others and is such an amazing one. First of all, because it is always the beginning of something new, thanks to it we wake up to life again, the energy comes to us, we have some new, fresh ideas. In this spirit has been maintained the compilation, SPRING, because all that concerns the spring itself as the season of the year, ideally suits to the tracks of Altar Records artists, and the other. I recommend you this compilation especially now when the summer is slowly ceasing to smell, the fall is approaching fast, and with it the consciousness of the shorter days, cooler air and less serene aura. In the end, I will cite the sentence about the spring, which can be found on Altar Records website: 'Everything holds its breath except spring. She bursts through as strong as ever.’

8 / 10